What can io do to earn money >?

i want to earn some money >? i can draw but i am not good enough

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I know you like games @anon48059102, why dont you find an eSport you can play and maybe make money off it ?

Website developers sometimes need people who are good at Photoshop. It’s not hard.

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sign up for online surveys.

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You can try teaching English online if you are a native speaker. I can give you some links if you’re interested.


If you are artistic and creative… maybe have a shot at 3D modelling?

Lots of people make a decent amount off a pay per download for an object/model

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i am but a humble cleaner 4hrs a week


i think drawing is good, and i think having a secondary physical work is good as well. Being a janitor is a good one thats easy to start up

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