Hi guys I am serious .. Any one earning through oneline ..? Can some one teach me is there any chance of earning through online with minimal technical knowledge ...?

I am broke and not working … No money no skills at all … Is there any easy online jobs …
which doesnt require less skills … guys help me … i need it badly…???

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hi far cry

for me also the same.
i dont have a job, no income no skills nothing.
my parents support me.
even i want some online or other income.

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Fill me in if you figure this out.

I’m going to pursue web development but I’m having trouble pushing myself. Scared of headaches.

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https://www.gutenberg.org/ is always looking for people to transcribe old books into ebooks to store on their library. It is volunteer work, but if you can do a few projects for them, they could give you a good reference to get a paying job elsewhere. @Aziz this might interest you as well. It is a good first step to working.


thanx ninja

but i m in india, can i still get the work?


Yeah it is all online.


Ok thx 1515151515


There’s good $$$ in becoming a popular Youtuber, especially if you have a popular Patreon, but you need good enough kit to edit and post photos and videos. Will also take years to get there. And, yeah, you need tech skills to do good editing.


I have made small amounts of money selling images of art on Etsy, selling music tracks on cdbaby and Bandcamp, selling apps on Google Play and Amazon and selling some used items on Craigslist and eBay.

I would say eBay and Craigslist are the most profitable for the amount of time invested. Apps are a little hard to make and need a lot of marketing but there are systems like Sketchware, Appy Pie etc that make it a lot easier to program.

If I was strong enough I would probably go back to delivering groceries locally to the elderly since I usually got good tips. Alternatively there are human services agencies that take care of developmentally disabled people that are always looking for drivers and assistants.


Forgot to mention pixels.com too…

Also sometimes small businesses are looking for people to help manage their online marketing stuff like Facebook pages, Twitter feeds etc…

I think there are sites like Fiverr that pay people to debug software.

I know a programmer who got paid projects to do on upwork.com

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