What can i do about social nervousness


I am already very brave socially,but I still faces a lot of social nervousness,and cannot make long eye contact and thinking that people dislike me,it’s suck and affecting me

I was bullied in high school this might be one of the reason why I am so tense up and unrelaxed on social situation because of the fear that I might get hurt once again


i’d say you need to get in amongst the crowd, have you heard the phrase ‘lost in a crowd’ well thats what you need to do get lost in a crowd because you will learn that people are usually only thinking about themselves and where they are going or what they are doing and they don’t really care about you, i liked it when i was at the amusement parks on holiday and everybody was having fun and i felt like i could relax because i knew that the people there didn’t care about me because all they cared about was having a good time like you will never usually get any crime in a theme park so there is nothing to worry about.

people watching is good when you are lost in the crowd just let your eyes wander and have a look around at people and look at their expressions, don’t worry if they look at you all you do is look away and carry on or if you are brave you can smile but that is really hard to do, i just started looking a bit and then a bit more until gradually i got more confident about what i could and could not look at and what was appropriate to look at etc, it is a skill to be honest and a lot of us lose this skill due to mental illness. good luck x


Sorry about the bullying; that sucks.

It is almost axiomatic that schizophrenics have low self esteem.

I have some positive self esteem, and it is based upon a thousand little successes.



dont beat yourself up about it its ok to be shy its ok not to look people in the eye if your kind to yourself reassure yourself through the whole process people like listeners anyway they like to talk all about themselves lol and deep breathing exersizes. your not the only one lots of so alled normal people are really shy too tc.


I find it odd when another person walking towards me, he or she will walk to the opposite road when I gaze at him or her. Sometimes it is scary to stare at other person especially in the pub where the drunk easily gets offense and abuse verbally and physically.

As a side note: I think it is not polite to make eye contact longer than it should. On the contrary, it shows lack of confidence when making poor eye contact.


I really need to rethink about my life


just need to be kinder to yourself.


You know, I am just as awkward as I’ve ever been but the difference is that I don’t overthink anything anymore. I don’t worry what this or that person thought of me any longer. I just don’t think about it. Sure the urge to overthink it still comes at times but I just pay it no mind.


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I have crippling social anxiety. It’s frustrating. I’ve watched a lot of other guys walk off with the girls in my time.


Hmm. I did very well with the opposite sex in my youth and I suffered from crippling social anxiety myself, still do but no longer have that kind of advantage or whatever it was. I think back then they thought it was cute that I was so shy and mysterious that I was so quiet.


Don’t worry about what people think of you, that’s the illness, its called mentalistic cognition and we have too much of it. Just try to make enough eye contact to gain people’s trust if making eye contact bothers you. I heard somewhere that eye contact for more than six seconds means a desire to have sex with or murder the other person. So yeah too much is bad too.