What can a young schizophrenic do in life

I want something to do with my life. I dont think ill have children and i have no career so i want something interesting to do with my life

Not sure what your interests are but i always want to get back involved with antipoverty activism and things like that. Can be quite exciting and meaningful

Be a visual CG artist (4D cinema) or graphic designer.
If I had funds and energy thats what I would learn.

You need to find things you are interested in and can do within your energy levels. For me “normal” jobs are never going to be possible. If I could work it would need to be something I can do on my own timescale.

That said I don’t reccomend dreams of being an “artist” as a career. I would want to find a service to give and tailor to people.

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Dedicate your life to hedonism.

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You could find something you like volunteering for. Or research a topic you find interesting an become an expert at it. What are some things you like?

Maybe study something you find interesting. I spent 2 years studying natural medicine after 10 years with the disease. I still have a passion about it and get a monthly magazine shipped in from the U.K with the latest news. I also have a lot of books about it.


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