I want to have a life

i want life where i do something interesting


Then do something interesting. Nothing was ever accomplished by wanting. You need action.


That is a good desire. I applaud you.


i cannot do anything

Me too, today people calling me names at the museum and are following me saying they are going to kill me. I feel everyone is saying this to me. Don’t want to die. I feel like someone is in my body. Just want a normal life.

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Simple Solution - Go out your house and do something about it.
Dont expect miracles, when your doing nothing about it.

It has to come from you.


It is very normal feeling in schizophrenia.

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I’d like to write a blog, I tried it, but I work better in conversation, I’m far too incoherent to make money :frowning: Feedback on https://philosophiahygia.wordpress.com/ is welcome. Hoping for some Normies input. Would like to study medicine.

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I have a life whether I have one or not. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like a life, other times it seems very much like a life. Regardless, I will keep doing what I’m doing because it’s fun sometimes, crappy a lot of the time, but interesting sometimes.


Hi @Gagis. I searched the link. Is that George Yeats Lazou your blog name.

Hi AKu, that is my real name, Greek letters can be hard to write, would you prefer it if I tried that though, as you can see my blog is sort of scrappy :frowning:

I = ego
Want = desires
Life is life. Just be happy.
That’s my current formula.

Hi @Gagis, first i suggest you that take your medicine seriously and faithfully. As per my thinking i regret a lot about myself to wrote my thoughts because it has no value. Now I am wanting from govt agencies to pay me for it by only thought broadcasting.
Writing blogs or thoughts is good in general. But I think it is a compulsion for the schizophrenics. I will read your blogs and comment on it later.

Just to let you know, I completed an MPhil in mathematics, but I was really just regurgitating it and breaking it down, same with my music, I got as far as hip hop before I decided that something was really missing :frowning:

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Well @Gagis, it’s thread on another matter. But I am replying you. Mathematics suits in every field of life. It is important to work but more important is how to make money.

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@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro You have a life, but what y9ou truly need is task’s and goal to make it more interesting. Something to do … Not just to sit and draw… I recommend to use you art skills for good by offering to help paint something funded to brighten up your community. Like kids playground building / or a side of a store ? As Long as someone supplies the paints :slight_smile:

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