What brand multi-vitamin do you take?

LS! My favorite brand is Solgar. The vitamines always come packed in brown glass. Superior quality. You can check out my reviews at iHerb, there I have 162 helpful votes for 32 reviews, 33 votes for Solgar Wild Oregano Oil.

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hey thanks, I’ll check it out

My multi is Pure Encapsulations, as chosen by the doctor I go to to chose OTC for me.

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Daily essential nutrients!
@naturallycured got me into them
And they have been benefiting me tremendously!


My old pdoc had me on prenatal vitamins before I got rid of her. New pdoc said I could continue if I wanted, but honestly I can’t absorb or digest a few vitamins and minerals in them. And no, I was and am not pregnant, I think it was an in intentional dig at me by former pdoc cause I have a lot of depression over becoming infertile.

I used to get IV iron and blood transfusions to up my iron counts, but I have never gotten higher than 5 after 4 bags of blood and 4 bag sd of iron. As of now t as king nothing my iron bloodwork is a 2. I also did the b12 and another of the B shots, did nothing to help. Docs basically said I can take a multi daily of my choice, and when I get I’ll from them they can give RX zofran and a more powerful imodium RX. So I’ve gone to child re n’s gummy vitamins usually lil critters or flintstones depending on which is on sale or a better deal for their quantity. But again, I only can take them 2 or 3 times a week. And I can sometimes get them without the iron, so tummy issues are cut in half.

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A gal I know, her shrink put her on prenatal vitamins. He did it because her insurance would cover prenatal vitamins, and she was poor. She was grateful her shrink gave her vitamins she could afford.

Well, I still paid basically full price for them even with insurance, then they made me sick so waste of money.

It was insane cause she wrote for $80 a month prenatal rx, ins said we’ll knock 3.40 off of this rx instead so that’s what I ended up with.

I’ll stick to my gummies.

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Centrum A to Z


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Centrum silver 50 plus even though I am 31

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