What bad habit are you trying to cut off?

I had already given up gaming and porn,now I would only need to care less about my appearance and I believe all would be good.What bad habit do you have,and are trying to cut off it?

It can be,sleeping late,smoking,drinking a lot,drug,ETC

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Searching for a girl too hard

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Since I started dating I gave up porn about 2 weeks ago. Thus is a challenge lol.
Also quit drinking alcohol and ocassional pot smoking(rarely) . Aiming for tee total sober.

Hoping I’ll be more balanced

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My bad habit is eating the wrong foods. Then again, it gets expensive trying to have a healthy diet.

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checking my twitter too often :expressionless:

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I need to think before spending money.
I am almost there to stop masturbation.

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And porn.
( just kidding. Or not? :smiley: )

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Belief. (But it’s hard, 'cause it seems so… normal.)


Cigarettes! They’re digusting


I am trying to spend less time Online, so far its not working so well.

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Eating unhealthy food. I paid a visit to a dietician a month ago and she gave me some tips to increase my good cholesterol which is too low. I need to loose weight…a lot of weight. I must stop eating fast food and excersise more. I was told to walk for at least 40 minutes per day.

I hi wave it’s you. I didn’t recognize you without the wave. It’s ok if you need it. You will know when you don’t and then you will feel better.

Yes I go through periods away. And live life until it sucks a bit and screws me up and then o well let’s not do that again.

So I’m thinking happy boat here. That blocks out the other sz crap.

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Junk Food! I eat pretty healthy but I get a little extra junk food in my diet. I can manage my calorie intake around 1,800 but I could do without the calories from the junk food.

Have a good one!

I need to stay off the alcohol, it’s been 6 days now and the plan is not to go back to it anytime soon. Most of the time I wasn’t drinking loads but it can make me paranoid.

Cigarettes, I mainly vape an ecig but I need to give up the cigarettes for good.

Eating to much and not exercising, need to do something about this i’m about 45 pounds overweight.

Im trying to drink less alcohol. My wish is no alcohol or very rarely. Just had a beer today after 2 weeks of being sober. Im not enjoying alcohol like i used to anymore, at least currently if feels lame to be buzzed or drunk. I used to enjoy it very much.

I get what you mean. I’m trying to go without the drink, it’s just not the fun it used to be.

I noticed it became more of a habbit than the actual desire to drink. At weekends when im free it automaticatlly meant drinking time.I used to do this for a decade it really helped me relax and enjoy a bit but at this moment i more enjoy things when im sober. It became to feel lame :smile:

As lame as it is i bought a bottle of wine for a weekend today to get drunk. I dont actually have a desire. It least not much. It will probably feel lame again. Oh well. No drink for at least 2 or 3 weeks after that, dammit xD

No seriously i wanna quit, god i wish i wouldn´t even touch a beer anymore but i like the taste.

This song motivated me to stop drinking as much and wanting me to quit. “Well it started with a couple of beers, and it went I dont know how many years.” This is so true in my case. I started drinking at 14.

Negative self-thinking, Holding on to bad things that happened many, many, many years ago and am trying hard to let go of.

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Smoking and masturbation, I probably should cut out drinking occasionally as well.

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