What are your Top Overrated Movies of All Time?

Don’t be nice about it, let’s bittch!

My top 3 crap movies most people think are great are:

The Shawshank Redemption


A Beautiful Mind



I’ll think on it and come back for more.

But I also agree with your choices.

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I remember your sharp review of Joker.

Yes, Joker is definitely trash and can go on the list.

Thanks for reminding me.

Anything with Tom Cruise.

The Godfather I (I like this movie, but it’s not THAT great.)

Superhero movies.


Hate them, all of them.

Good list,

Though I disagree with The Godfather.

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probably not going to be popular choice but i don’t care for brad pitt and all his movies, namely ‘fight club’


I agree with Shaw shank redemption.

Also Harry Potter.

It is not the best acting I’ve ever seen. And I read the books first so they kind of spoilt how I imagined Harry. In addition, because the books are so long and the movies short, it feels like the movie jumps a lot from one part of the story to the other.

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Mars attacks is underrated ! Any superhero movie in the past 10 years is overrated!!

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I never liked Brad Pitt personally, he seemed like a pretty boy. But when I saw the movie Snatch, my opinion of him changed. He was quite an excellent character actor in that one

Personally, I dislike anything that rides on the coattails of the original Lord of the Rings series. It seems like Hollywood just cashing in on a trend to me


Wolf of Wall Street is played way too much on tv I’m sick of it still a classic though but I will never watch it again I’m so sick of it

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