What are your shaving habits?

Mine are sparatic sometimes im vegan hippie
Then I’m nah gal yiu need a trim
Then im natural fudge it rainforest.


What country do you live in?

I don’t shave anything but my mustache. The others I hide by wearing long pants and no sleeveless shirts.

i like keeping my legs hairy nowadays.
its just too much effort to shave them atm.

Sporadic. Depends on what part of the cycle I’m in.

I shave my beard once in a while, but I usually grow it out for a couple of months. Sometimes I level my beard to short, prickly stubble with a trimmer.

I have a goatee, I shave the sides of my face every three to seven days or so.

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I am sometimes too lazy to shave my legs. I epilate my hands and I use a depilatory cream for my white hairs on my chin. Since I am on meds, I got more hair lol :confused:

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Yeahhh my hair grew whilst on meds what a ■■■■■■■ shame

I have some hairs in my chin that I let grow out because I want to try permanent hair removal on them.

I have not been bothered shaving my legs because they grow back so quickly .
I am booked in to wax my legs in January.
I have not waxed my legs for so many years.

I tried epilering on my chin hairs but it did not work so now I want to try laser.
I think there’s about ten long black hairs.baaaaaa.they do bother me.


Which mustache???

I shave my face every 2 days sometimes once every 6 weeks

I can’t remember the last time i used a razor on my face. I do use the bear trimmer to buzz the stubble on the lowest setting every now and then. Maybe once or twice a month.

Well, I’m a dude, so I only shave my face and neck. I use a retro safety razor:

I use Derby blades:

Here’s my shaving foam:

I’ve kind of made shaving into a daily ritual that I enjoy now. It’s fun!


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I shave everyday. It makes me feel human.


Really nice products

i don’t shave very much usually just when i have to wear shorts, bathing suits or sleeveless shirts. luckily its winter here so not very often


I usually shave my mustache and let my beard grow. Since 24 I’ve been shaving everyday and I will end in 31. I’m letting my beard grow starting first day of 2019.

Im shaving cause I want more thicker hair. Also I have 1 small gap in my beard so hopefully it will grow


I shave once a week and trim my pubes monthly


I only occasionally have to shave my chin of two, single hairs and that is it. I’m not hairy anymore.