What are your schizophrenia symptoms?

My symptoms are (unmedicated):

Highly religious
I would yell a lot
One of my voices would say things to upset me so I shook with anger
I heard my neighbors talking to me saying they were doing a psychic attack
I had a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality

Not long before I was medicated:
I was calling the courthouse looking for hidden records on me - even called the sheriff’s office twice looking for records on me - there aren’t any by the way - I have a clean record
I called lawyers for free consultations on seeking out court records
I thought my husband was having an affair
I was asking my mom if I was divorced with no papers

I started hearing voices in November 2014. The summer before I was diagnosed (diagnosed November 2020) is when I was having hallucinations and couldn’t tell the difference between my hallucinations and what was what was real or I should say it worsened. I would have hallucinations about talking to my mom and thought the conversation actually happened for instance.

How about you?

Unmedicated, I slip into an occult dreamworld. It really is like dreaming while awake for me. And it has an occult theme.

I start out getting annoyed with others easily. My functioning drops and I barely cope with things.

But eventually I completely lose touch with reality and become a danger to myself.