What are your relationship dynamics like with your unit family members

Me and my mum I think she really wants so much for me and it just overwhelms me cos it ain’t gonna happen. She thinks all these things about methods to cure sz and it just freaks me out. It puts pressure on me that I don’t like. She also has really bad manners around me like making me feel I don’t matter but not around my brother its pretty odd!

I think my sis loves me but don’t know how to interact with me. Which is to be expected. Cos of my awkwardness. But I wish she paid more attention to me in simple ways on a regular basis so I feel more loved from her. She’s also pretty and hairless unlike me. So I always feels guys will fancy her more which hinders me from getting serious with guys in the past at least. But now I’m beginning to trust her more. Wish me n her were best friends sigh I think it would help my mental health a lot

My bro is super duper cool. We just are OK with each other. I get extremely sad that I cannot do more stuff with him cos I like him but I’m just too down to go out n about much.

My dad’s alright. He’s just pretty positive and consistent. I feel really sad for him sometimes when I see him looking fragile. But he’s not really so it’s OK and he has strong beliefs

I have other siblings but I don’t wanna make this post too long


Now that I’m older we pretty much live like roommates. I take care of my own stuff for the most part.


My mother and step dad live 10 mins away. We have a good relationship and they’re the main people in my life.

My step sister has four kids so she is always busy with them.

My step brother moved 300 miles away and I see him once or twice a year.

I am pretty lonely, but I am pretty much used to it these days.


I have a good relationship with my mum. Things have improved with my dad in recent years (there didn’t used to be any bond). I have no idea what is happening with my brother, haven’t heard from him in years.

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I only have my husband and kids. I’d like to think we are close. He makes sure I get my meds and go to appointments.

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My mum refuses to accept my schizophrenia diagnosis despite over seven psychiatrist have diagnosed me and despite me telling her about delusions and voices etc.

She expects me to do more than I can do.

My parents and I have a complicated relationship.

My father I had delusions he took my virginity and molested me as a baby and thought he was not my real father.
I love him so much and am proud of him but the delusions etc took their toll.
Last time we met we laughed together.

I changed my name because I thought my real father was a Muslim now I want to change my name back but can’t afford to yet.

My stepmom I had is a closest to me.
She gave me a place to live, she raised me, did homework with me, gave me a car , supports me, accepts my schizophrenia diagnosis and is also a love of my life and I don’t know what I would do with out her and she s social support to and hangs out with me…we have dinner at my place most Fridays and sometimes we go to the movies together.

Her son and daughter and I are not so close as we werenot raised together and there’s age gap.
I want to be closer to them.they are really close to each other so I’m left out.my brother gave me a job walking his dogs.

I have two brothers in Sweden that I have no contact with really.one of them emails me once a year or so if I’m lucky.
I love them and want to have a relationship with them but it doesn’t seem mutual.

My dad lives interstate.

My mum lives in Sweden and I’m in Australia.

My stepmom I had lives close.

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I was always closer to my dad but i could never live up to him and he cared for my mum with her Deaf/Blindness, now he is gone the last 5 years i had to take over the care of my Mum with my Sister,

So i take my mum out about twice a week and it could be to the park or to my Cuz or to the fish shop (bc she keeps fish) she still has a little sight to play with but needs a lot of help and she has an implant for hear so its not too bad, i also take her other places.


I’m not going to sugar coat it. I put my family through Hell and I’m lucky that they have anything to do with me at all. I think I’ll be invited to the next family get-together and that is a good thing.

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I put my family under a lot of stress too. I’m glad most of them are now understanding. Except maybe my motheR

My mother is very loving and devoted to me and the family.
My father usually understands me and is nice towards me. He sometimes gets into difficult moods which I have learned to understand. He has included me in many activities, including travel a lot, over the years. He tries very hard to love me. I see him about two days a week.
My brothers are nice to me and never put me down. One lives nearby. I think I am not consistent with his value system however (“being successful”). But he has always been nice to me.
My mother and father are getting old, unfortunately. I have to prepare for losing them.

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Yea my family is not too bad either. Just bit rocky with my mum but we are working on it n wish I was closer to them all, that’s all

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