What are your prolactin levels if you are on typicals?

Hi… Thanks… I’m just wondering mine are very high and will be changing medication on advice
I’ve had 4000 but I’m on >2000 at the moment
It’s meant to be about 25
I’ve had this over many years

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I dont know about prolactin levels …i am on rispridral 4mg at night…

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I got off risperdal because of raised prolactin. Didn’t get blood work but nipples got sore. Enough for me!

Moved to zyprexa. That has been good for me so its not necessarily bad changing.

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I’ve never been tested. It wasn’t until recently I knew about prolactin levels and I’ve been on Invega for a year. I google about my non-existent sex drive and that come up. My doc never even mentioned it.

I can’t remember the numbers, but my doctors blood tested me and were like that’s way too high, are you producing milk? and i was like “yea”. so they tested me for pregnancy and were like nope not pregnant and that was in like 2006…it’s not as bad now, but my levels are still elevated, medically speaking.

I produce much less milk, now, but sometimes there is milk in me it’s gross.

I’ve had milk before - years of it
I don’t have milk now
My care coordinator said we need to do a
Meds change
No doc has ever looked at me so seriously I will ask why I think cos on line is scary
They’ve tracked my prolactin for years
And changing meds I googled on advice is only recommended when there is an incidental high suspicion of pituitary tumour

oh that’s good that you’re not milking anymore! I had switched from Zyprexa to Abilify, but I was still with milk until the past couple of years.

I think there’s a drug to stop the prolactin levels from going to high, but it’s a pill with side effects. My pdoc had me brain scanned to make sure that yes, the pituitary gland was not cancerous. I was okay, though.

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Pretty sure I have heard adding 2mg of abilify normalises prolactin levels

@everhopeful did you post an article on this once?


Thanks to everyone

This really helps because it shows that docsareatleast investigating pituitary

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All of these are really concerning
I think i need to ask for checks if these things


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My doctor said next we could try haldol bc it’s similar to Risperidone but doesn’t raise prolactin so I thought typicals weren’t supposed to raise it. Maybe that’s just haldol though idk