What are your hopes for the future in illness prevention and treatment...scifi edition

Cyborg bodies that can self repair and direct brain link to the net…where my brains levels can be optimized for my current activities…go science go…that’s a plausible route for science to go…

This sounds like a Shadowrun campaign.

I want my eyesight corrected! Whether by cybernetics or regeneration or whatever. I am laughably blind.

Shadowrun had magic returned as well as cybernetics. Love the idea of that. I’d be a dog shaman. Healing the world of mental illness.

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If computer can communicate with our brain…

…Computer, please start defragmenting the mind
…Computer, please run anti-virus program and kill all viruses in the body…ahh, and anti-malware program too…
…Computer, you are being scheduled to scan the mind & body every hour for bad cells (please repair automatically)


I simply hope that they’ll find an adequate treatment for negative symptoms… This is already sci-fi as far as the current progress is concerned. I’m ready to wait until I’m 50, after that I’ll consider euthanasia. I don’t want to die of old age suffering from schizophrenia. I’d rather choose my own moment of death with dignity.

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