Would u turn urself cyborg?

Since technology is aiming for a “post human” model. Given the ability to do so would u make ur body and mind a hybrid between the organic and artificial? Anything from a brain implant to a artificial limb to ur whole body. What would u want to make artificial about ur body. Me personally id like to trade in my left arm for a stronger, terminator-esque arm. It would get rid of the scarring too. And since im a righty id then have equal power in both arms since my left one would be artificial

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If I needed an organ or something like that yeah, but just out of pure tech addiction no.

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I would love to reprogram the existing logical thinking in my brain…especially the bad habits that are hard-wired in the brain.

I already am :smile: No joke. I have metal in my legs. Surgeries suck though




I’ve been on that path for 35 years since my first pacemaker was implanted. I’d like a reliable heart replacement. Bionic eyes, too.

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I’d like a way to preserve my mind instead of copy-pasting it’s contents to a computer. The computer wouldn’t be me, it would just be a copy. I guess if they can figure out a way to preserve the brain I would take some computer parts as long as they enhanced me.

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I’d definitely become a cyborg! But I’d only enhance my brain if possible, not replace it. And I would want my body parts to be replaced with some really high tech organic machine parts. If that was possible I would replace everything but my brain.

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Like metal plates? I also have or now had a metal plate in my arm from my car crash. The one bone in my forearm snapped making the other dislocate. It hurt like hell. Maybe even worse then the burns. But i actually got it removed a few months ago due to the fact im an active person and the screw was “tickling my tendon” which was a nuisance

Bionic eyes?..u got it

Me and my friend was just talking about this…we decided full on nanobots being a swarm of nanobots able to take any form sounds great…

this is a funny thread, i like it, and i think modern technology has its advantages bc it can help us if we are disabled and things like the prosthetic legs and even simple claw type mechanisms for hands, but if you think i would trade in a part of my own body willingly to be replaced then i think that would be wrong and i wouldnt want to make myself intentionally disabled just to get one lol,

if i was offered implants for entertainment purposes then i would not like that because i like to be in control and i like to keep things simple, its actually mind boggling what they might be capable of in the coming years in respect to technology but whether it is morally right or wrong is a different question.

More so metal nails running up my legs. I have some deformities and wore leg braces until my surgeries. Walking normal is weird I must say.

That sounds painful. Dislocations hurt so bad. I havent gotten any serious irritation from the nails but they do hurt a bit.

O damn at least with modern medicine we can partially solve issues like that. And yea being set of fire with a messed up forearm was the most pain ive ever experienced in my life.

Oh yeah! Modern medicine is the best. I hated leg braces and am glad to be liberated.

Man, that sounds very painful. I hope it is better now. I can only imagine.

My worst was probably when I delusionally was messing with sulfuric acid(drain cleaner). Baddd idea. VERY bad idea. So painful and nasty scars.

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Yea im perfectly healed now. Just scarring. But i can run jump hop and skip. All that. And sulfuric acid will cause those slow burns

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That is good!

Yeah, it does. It just slowly eats away slowly. It sorta healed. The sad thing was I didn’t even know it was happening I was so delusional yeeesh.

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Yea burns whether chemical or fire are no fun. Like schizophrenia i wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

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id like to replace my spine and my right leg from the hip down. I suffered a serious injury, and they tried to surgically correct it I had a seizure just as they started to cut into my back to get ready to fuse two of my vertebra…Instead I had to wear a back brace for a year. I am sorta healed, but I can only turn my body up to 15 degrees in ether direction, and I cant reach to touch my toes. I also cant run because my right hip snapped off at the base of the ball joint in the same incident. That is held together with pins and plates, because they didn’t want to do a whole hip replacement surgery…

Ehhhh… maybe.

If I lost a limb I’d be pretty excited to get a prosthesis… they got some cool ■■■■ brewing up in those regards… give it 10 years and I bet we’ll have pretty good arm replacements… the bionic folk will start emerging…

It’s almost a sexual fascination… thank you ghost in the shell