What are your current goals?

Not for the future necessarily but things you’d like to be working on right now?

Mine are
-Exercise regularly
-Start cooking again so I can eat healthier & learn how to cook a wider variety of foods
-Spend more time with my rat
-Spend more time with my little sisters
-Start cleaning my room at least once a week
-Get my psychosis under control again so I can stop being dependent on klonopin

Those are my major goals. Other things I want to do, minor goals, are to continue my study of Japanese and practice art, and keep up with the shows/books/videogames I want to. If anyone has any tips that would help with any of these things please share!


-get my license
-learn how to function independently of my family
-get back into my academic groove and start improving my education

all this is pretty much necessary as ive been accepted into college and will be starting this fall


Taking one day at a time. Going forwards and backwards is too much to handle. Who knows how my meds will work in a month from now or how much stress I’m under. Hard cuz I used to be a planner. Now I just think of five things I am grateful for in the morning and try to do my best.


Kinda acceptance. Dreams are awesome if tangible, but I know for me I just have to stay in the present


For February

Lose 7 pounds
Exercise bike everyday
Eat breakfast everyday
Cut portions in half
Do dishes everyday
Bathe every other day


Loose weight
Walk every day 40 minutes or more except Sunday
Be able to kill my fear of cities and shops

  • Get my anxiety under control.
  • Get my mood swings under control (they’re probably related to anxiety tbh).
  • Chip away at my crippling guilt.
  • Stop binge eating.
  • Clean more.
  • Make progress in therapy.
  • Become a kinder, gentler person.
  • Learn to laugh again.

These are just two of my goals, I have more but I don’t want to make this post too long. These goals are more practical than anything.

Watch TV/movies to fill in my time, my problem is that I can go hours without doing anything… I found this anime on Crunchyroll but I need to subscribe to watch all the episodes, it isn’t expensive though so I think I’ll sign up.

Stop splitting up some chores. I tend to split up a chore with my mom because I get lazy and she ends up finishing it for me. Like If I’m cooking, my mom will wash the dishes but I think it’s better to take care of it all since I made the mess.


my current goal is to try and keep my job haha

and get a new car as well :slight_smile:

i also wanted to be an advocate for mental health

and try and fit in a bit of volunteering at a fair trade shop :slight_smile:

also find a suitable partner

and a deposit for a house

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My current goals are to lose weight, not to have any intrusive thoughts, to have peace of mind, to make my family happy.

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weight for it…ok now if I’m saying there goals this year i’m pointing to all the hoops I 'm going through now.

  • work on crafts

  • get more exercise

  • take dog for more walks

  • find a way to sleep better some nights

  • help others as much as I can

  • help my grandma when she needs it

  • maybe start volunteering


My goals right now are to:

Get my new online business website up and running
Make a ton of money from my new business (at least $10,000 by the end of 6 months)
Learn to play the keyboard at a performance level
Finish reading “David Copperfield” by Charles Dickens
Finish my online Spanish course app
Get my autobiography published

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Getting out of bed. Not really earlier or anything just in general. Would be nice.

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Learn more chords on my guitar
Stop muting adjacent strings on guitar cuz I’m clumsy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Read Dune
Go to CPS training in March
Get to bed on time

Those are my goals for the next few months


My goal for February is to finish day treatment and try to loose 2-3 pounds and finish the first unit of my treehouse tech degree and hopefully start a job.

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to not be delusional
never give up
increase abilify dose

  • To spend a solid 3 hours a day on my home business
  • To exercise at least 30 mins on bike
  • To spend 1.5 hours a day learning my native language
  • To spend 1.5 hours a day learning game development
  • To spend 1.5 hours a day learning dating skills
  • To eat well and lose weight
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I made a gym membership guys!! I even got a personal trainer to work with me :triumph::triumph: I’m gonna get FIT


the biggest thing is to do okay in my statistics class this semester, i dropped out of my other class so this is the only class im taking. my gpa is still ok, if i do poorly in this class it will go down and that will devastate me because im not mentally stable. also i want to be more involved in life as ive been ignoring everyone and everything which isnt in my immediate surroundings as a result of the illness. i have come to realize that my issues arent all med side effects, i am really not well.

good luck accomplishing your goals!