What’s your goal for today?

My goal is to take a walk and do some art (it’s been a while).


My goals were :

  1. Wrap presents… done✔
  2. Decant ecig juice into small bottles… done✔
  3. Shower Not done :x:

surf the net…

Run for an hour on my treadmill.

To do absolutely nothing productive, worthwhile. meaningful or useful all day Except maybe be an annoying pest to my roommate all day. I call it my “taking time off to take care of myself.” day.


Buy a new (used) vacuum at the shop
Wash laundry
Look for a gift for a neighbor

My plan for tomorrow is to put a wallpaper uo for my mum.


Learn some new words in English


It wasnt my goal but i tryed to make cupcakes second time in my.life. i failed with the firts time. And i succeeded today.

I officialy can make muffins now. Yeeee


I’m stressed out so I just wand to not give up

Well, I took a walk but I don’t know what to paint :frowning: I really need some inspiration.

How about paint something ocean related like mermaids or pirates?

I’ve already accomplished a lot in that I’ve been UP! I showered, went to the doctor’s, went shopping, and spent some time with my family. Even now, I’m downstairs watching a movie with my family (How the Grinch Stole Christmas). My goal is to finish the laundry that I have in the washer, wrap a couple of presents, and trim my dogs’ paws and nails. The dogs’ paws and nails are tricky. I have essential tremors, and they are pretty bad. It can be difficult to work with scissors and a Dremel when your hands are shaking! I always worry that I will hurt one of them accidentally.

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My only goal for today was to go to my therapist appointment. And I did it!

(I’ve missed literally months of appointments because I couldn’t leave my apartment)

So yay me :blush:


Wash face, brush teeth, clean glasses - done
meditate - done
Play keyboard - not done yet
Do yoga - not done yet

My goal for today was to go to the bank. I hate going to the bank, Lol.

My goal for today is to eat healthfully :smiley:
(and maybe make some art…?)

I’m on a holiday break from work starting today. My goal is to NOT spend the entire day inside…

My goal for today is to bake some cookies, make ornaments, and somehow manage to keep my kitchen clean through it all!

Lofty goals for me, but I’ve been doing really well this past week.

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Completed 20 minutes of triceps workout. I’m anticipating my hockey team is going to lose tonight. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: