How long till meds started working for you?

I’m on invega sustenna injection had my second one and I feel like things havent got better theyve got worse. How long did your meds start to take to work?

I still wouldn’t class it’s worked yet and it’s been a year, you’re never satisfied but small progress was made a few months into it I was taking drugs though

I’m pretty sure the only medication that has ever “worked” for me quickly has been Zyprexa.

Everything else was I believe placebo, side effects and/or mental health issues that I interpreted as the medications “working” within days. Like only a few days after I started Risperdal, I started to feel euphoric and also completely quit eating. I’m pretty sure I have old posts on here singing the praises of Risperdal for those reasons, but it didn’t last, it wasn’t the medication really “working”, exactly.

Zyprexa is really the only one I’ve ever been able to take and have results within hours, it’s like someone kicks the door in to my brain and yells ALL THE NONSENSE GTFO and boom it’s all gone (and then I sleep for 20 hours).


My meds didn’t work for months when I was first put on them.

Once I found the right meds it took a few months to work

Took several weeks for the antidepressant I was on to start working…I was on Abilify for months and it barely worked towards the end of that time. Risperdal started working a lot faster, after maybe 2-3 weeks I started noticing my symptoms reducing.

Haldol takes about a week to start working at 10mg a day. It sedates me right away but I don’t get real relief from hallucinations/paranoia for about a week and it gets gradually better after that. Same with Invega at 12mg.

It took me about six years to find the right meds to get me where I am today.

I am not cured by any stretch of the imagination but I am stable.

What are your main symptoms? When it comes to Antipsychotics more is better in my opinion. I kept trying to dose down and go off of meds completely. Now I am dosed up.

Bit of everything at the moment its just causing a lot of distress for me - voices and ‘delusions’ mostly bit of tactile too. Got bad thought insertion

It actually sometimes takes a couple of months for APs to start kicking in.
I would give it some more time.

Work closely with your doctor in the meantime.

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If you are feeling physiological stress you can ask your doctor to add an anxiety med. The antipsychotic should control the hallucinations , talk to your Pdoc and ask for an increase in dosage maybe or try adding a second AP.

I take Geodon twice a day and Latuda. Latuda really helps with mood and I noticed the effects immediately. My doctor gave me some free trial doses.

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Yeah I’m on lorazapam and resperidone too and I think it does help me a little