What are you doing for Christmas

I might spend Christmas alone. My parents are going to my step mothers home town. I can’t go because of my social phobia. What are you doing for Christmas?


Spending it with my immediate family.


It is probably going to be my grandmother and I only.
One of my aunts may come down if restrictions are loosened in time. I don’t have to worry about that because I have been staying here before COVID-19 got really bad here.
We’re going to set up one Christmas tree only this year. Usually, there’s two. One upstairs and one downstairs.

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Probably the same thing I did for Thanksgiving. My sister will go out with friends during the day and I will come over later and then just me and her will celebrate. We’ll probably have a nice dinner, maybe open presents, listen to Christmas music and watch some Christmas special on TV.

It’s increasingly looking like we’ll be locked down for Xmas thanks to growing covid numbers. That would mean no visiting wife’s parents, which I’m okay with. A day of board games and visting with the wife and daughter would be lovely.

I don’t think we are having the traditional Christmas gathering this year because of Covid. So it will probably just be my parents and me this year.

I’m spending it with my husband and kids.

I will be alone. :panda_face::panda_face::panda_face:

Spending time with my daughter and grandchildren.

Spending it with family.

Looking forward to Christmas dinner! Best part I think

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