Is anybody spending Christmas alone?

I’m spending Christmas with my step mother and father. I was going to spend Christmas alone…but they couldn’t go out of town because of the covid virus.


Yes. I will be alone for Christmas. :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:


I will be spending Christmas and New Years with my father.
No Christmas Eve party for us this year.



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I tend to spend Xmas alone. Had done for the last ten years.

I usually spend Christmas alone.

I’m spending it alone because of covid19

We’ll have a Christmas party with presents this Monday where I live. I will also have a few people around me on Christmas Day. I won’t spend the time with family, though. Still, it’s not bad. I’ll get some egg nog and watch “A Christmas Carol” on my DVD.

My mom invited me for Christmas with her and I guess my stepfather, don’t know if there’ll be anyone else, but I’m considering staying alone. I think with Covid we should be careful but I also don’t know what’s the deal of being with people anymore.

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I live with my parents, usually other family members come to our house but no visitors now due to covid19 rules. Its just me and my parents.

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Just me on my own in the flat. If I get cabin fever, I just get some milk and smoke a cig on the seafront with a paper.

I do phone my mother every couple of hours tho. Been on my own for years, so I should be used to it. But I’m slightly happier in the perverted knowledge no other bugger will be out either!

I will go over to parents house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day it will be nice

Been alone for xmas for many years

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