What are we supposed to be doing with our lives? POLL

Life is work, the movement of energy, panta rhea, try not to judge.

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well i’m not allowed to share my opinion,

i never write anything considered offensive

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We’ve been over this with you. Unusual Beliefs is used to get over delusion. Religious beliefs can turn into delusion and many are triggered by it. Ifyou simply must talk religion there are plenty of forums that allow it.

But as long as you are here, you will just have to follow the rules while posting.

ok i am not going to mention it anymore, it is between you and Nobody, you can do and say what you like, bc you answer to no-one, that is your choice and the decision of this forum,

I had a really bad day too, what was your original post? This poll?

I chose ‘its complicated’ lol,


That’s interesting. I guess the slope is just slippery as anything… and lines need to be drawn. Sorry to equivocate, but I am exhausted from my day.

i was trying to explain it but nobody cares,

dont worry about it just relax, thats what i am trying to do

@Resilient1 there is a reason it is only you that gets in trouble with the rules whether you want to admit it or not.