What Are Ways To Save Money: How Do You Live Frugally?

I’m spending my afternoon with a package of cotton balls, old pillow case, sewing needle, thread.

What am I making? A feminine hygiene contraption. :smiley:

CVS pharmacy wanted $12.99 for a package. :fearful:

Now I am thinking buying a coffee everyday is making me extra poor. What are ways to live a more frugal lifestyle? :blush:

I shop at Lidl (a german food retail discounter)…that saves me about 20 euro a week. Also, I do my clothes shopping in the sales…it saves me a few quid.

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I buy generic brand stuff… I only go out twice a week.
And i reuse stuff if I can.

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Clip coupons.Shop sales. Shop at thrift stores/ Goodwill.


There is a thing called a Diva Cup that is supposed to be pretty good for feminine hygiene. Google it. I haven’t tried it but a friend swears by it.

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grow your own vegies,
bi carb soda instead of tooth paste
bake your own bread,cakes etc
meal planners for shopping
cut out take aways for food ( not coffee )
get your own stove top coffee maker
turn the heater off put a jumper on
take care


My sis knows how to sew and knit so she will get clothing and purses from the Value Village and then alter it to make it look cool. We have a lot of knitted hats and blankets.

We cook at home

Make coffee here, (French Press)

Veggies from the garden

Hit the library before we rent or down load a movie or book

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