What are some good places to find good music?

I really have no idea.

I’m talking about things like apps or such

Something free.

I do have Spotify which is a start (which I DO pay for)



I don’t pay for music.
I download whole albums by YouTube

I’m not sure what else you need to be honest. It pretty much has everything ever released.

But if you want more, there’s the SoundCloud app.

Deezer (but if you have Spotify it’s pointless)

Or also if anyone knows handy things about spotify

Pick a song you like, play it, tap the 3 dots in the right hand corner, select “go to song radio” and it’ll take you to playlist of similar sings you might like.

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I use the :radio: radio. The best place for me to find new songs.
All the things I need to know I heard it on my radio.
Radio Gaga from Queen

Find song you already like on Spotify then right click and start new radio. Find song in that radio you like right click start new radio. Etc

Apple music



Amazon music


Youtube music


Google music

Switch between then with free trials

I have listen to almost two year of music without paying. But i had a lot of email adressea and more then 3 credit cards

The guy across from me played some really good music until he died. I thought about asking to borrow some to copy but didn"t.

I find most of the music I play on The Squirrel through Youtube. I get some good stuff through artist submissions, but not as much as I’d like.

You just gotta keep your ears open. When I hear a song I like. And I have a very specific taste in music. But none the less tasteful. I track it down. Listen to it and branch from there. Itunes and youtube can offer similar suggestions. You can download the album from the same artist and all thier other albums.

Some good non mainstream ways are TV. Movies, good movies, shows and series.

Accu-radio has some interesting stations and is free @Zoe . Basic Pandora is free too.

Thankyou so much guys. This helped me.

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Stream WPFW, a commercial free jazz station in Washington DC. They have rap, jazz, blues, soul, Latin, afro pop, and contemporary. It’s cool but in the daytime it has talk shows.

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I get all the music I want on Youtube. There are only about one or two songs out of a thousand I can’t get. I want this rendition of “Tobacco Road” that was perfect, and I can’t find it. The same is true of “Help Me Make It Through the Night”. There are a lot of good performances of this song, but I remember one in particular that was perfect.

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I like SoundCloud for special albums and artist not on spotify and apple.

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I’m into classical piano music. I subscribe to the digital version of Pianist magazine. In it they feature videos of the world’s top pianists performing the world’s best classical piano music. It’s off the charts awesome.

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I think soundcloud is the best for discovering new music.

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I’m scared of soundcloud. I feel it is likely to lead to people finding out something about me. Ever since I watched a movie where that happened.

Do you pay for it?

I pay for it, but only because I upload music to it. But it definitely doesn’t require a paid subscription.