What are signs of a seizure disorder?

I take depakote and Klonopin though, both meant for another way of treatment. So how can I be taking seizures, if I am, what would be happening?

The first symtoms of seizures in epilepsy
0 hypotension
0 headache
0 low heart beat
0 dizziness
0 feeling discomfort
0 vomiting
0 abdomen pain
0 confused about location, names, things and own person
0 loosing conscience(falling down)
After a few minutes you wake up dezorieted and feeling sick

No that doesn’t happen to me, but I was looking into absence seizures. Not sure if that happens to me or if it’s catatonia. What happens is I get a blank stare and can’t process things around me. Then now at night it’s the second night in a row I went into a trance… Is that psychosis?? I’m googling it now

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Im sure it’s way harder to get sick then you think. Think that every cell in your body is fighting for a good balance and health

That it’s probably a sz symtom. What exactly are you feeling?

I would not recomand that. Maybe call your pnurse

@anon92220549 I got triggered by news of a devastating event that happened to my cousin when I was at my aunt’s and then I let my emotions take over, I couldn’t think in her shoes or ask the right questions, forgot what she said cause she said all this info in under a minute and I couldn’t process it all, so then the nephew started talking and I have no idea what the heck he said. I just stared into space, then I just wanted to flee but sat and watched TV and couldn’t stop moving, and couldn’t focus. That type of moving constantly like with my head and arm started years ago sometimes it’s good, others it’s not.

It’s nothing more then you’re illness acting up because you’ve been exposed to bad news wich triggered your brain to overreact wich happens a lot in sz.

Just to be sure talk with somebody irl about it, maybe a professional or tell your family how you’re feeling right now, maybe you will feel better after you open up

Ok thanks!151515

If you’re concerned about seizure activity, talk to your general practitioner about it. They can do a preliminary neurological evaluation and refer you to a neurologist, who can do an EEG to rule out seizure activity. What you’re describing sounds like psych symptoms to me. In a seizure, you’re generally not aware of any outside stimulus, and you’re very disoriented and tired afterwards. With a trauma response, things feel overwhelming and confusing. But if you ever suspect seizures, it’s good to get tested so you can rule them out. They can be serious.

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I get those blank stares also I figured it was some sort of catatonia

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Altered consciousnes. A seizure may be associated with a loss of conscious awareness in part or fully. There may be an initial aura such as fear, déjà vu or focal tingling. One might experience transient immobilization or a full blown convulsion. Not unique to experience postictal period of confusion and disorientation. Tongue biting and incontinence varies.

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