What are my chances of a psychosis after over 8 years?

Can sza go into remission that long

@anon80629714 you mean like another episode?

Yeah another one

chances are high. I seriously doubt your sza has disappeared. ap’s dont cure sza. it may take a while to come back but I bet it will

Your chances are probably good if you stay on meds.


That’s the way it has been with me.

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That’s what my pdoc said at initial diagnosis which was schizophrenia.

If I go off meds it comes back, no getting away from it

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I’m betting on staying in remission as long as I stay on my meds. I’ve been in remission for about two and a half years now. I’m sza.

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It’s possible, I relapsed after 3 years of being stable.

I relapsed 2 years ago after decades of being stable.
But I switched meds and got off of risperidone and went on to Vraylar.
Then I kind of skipped doses of risperidone when I switched back.

I had my first and second psychotic episodes in '04, got put on high doses of abilify. Stayed on high dose until '12 when we decided it had been so long without any symptoms, why was I still on these?

I spent the next year mostly in hospitals, losing my job, losing my home, finally ending up on disability and more APs since the abilify no longer worked.

So, based on my own experience, I wouldn’t risk it.

ETA I was diagnosed with psychotic depression in '04, but given how things played out my current pdoc thinks that’s when the sz started even though I wasn’t diagnosed sz until I went crazy again in '12.

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I still have some delusions from time to time. I am so relieved that I am aware of them though, I am not losing touch with reality completely. But I know how crazy I would get.

You are already on a very low dose.


Welcome back Selene !


@anon80629714 you are stable on meds…don’t risk losing it all by stopping your meds !! worried about you.

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What meds put it into remission?
What were your symptoms? Were you hearing voices?

I think even the withdrawal from the AP’s can send you into psychosis. Kind of like a rebound. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

Don’t go off meds. The delusions are always worse then the sides from meds

I don’t plan to get off meds it was just a question of the likelihood of it coming back. Everytime I’ve tried to get off I’ve had mood issues so I can’t get off them.

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