Can someone with sz go into a 7 year remission?

Is it ? Even possible ? I’m also asking because if I ever decide to have kids and have to come of antipsychotics , will I be ok ? I have a diagnosis of bipolar and a previous diagnosis of sz. Sometimes I wonder if I am really sz.

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It all depends on the person. I have sz and a possible mood disorder, but my doctor thinks I should be able to stop my meds when I want to have kids. Talk it over with them, and see what they think.

Been in remission since 2008, not including mild delusions, paranoia, and mania.
No psych wards since 2008, before 2008 it was a biannual trip to those psych wards.
That’s mostly on meds though…
Maybe ask your doctor if there are a.p.s that are tested for safe use in pregnant women?
Good luck!

I kinda come and go, no Idea why, but it is always there even when it is just mild.

Right. You’re not on antipsychotic. You’re on 5mg abilify which is just an add on for depression.

You’ve never been on a therapeutic dose of abilify from what I can remember.

You’re already off your antipsychotic.

Sounds completely plausible to me. I was ill in my 20s and now in my 40s with a solid 20 years of being OK in between.

Yes exactly but risks of it returning?

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I got ill in end of 2002 and was on meds till beginning 2007. Then I came off meds successfully till 2012 when I relapsed. I went into remission the year before I stopped meds and it continued till 2012. So I was in remission for six years. So yes I think it’s possible to be well for a long time but sz comes and goes so it’s wise to keep alert to warning signs.

The way I see it if you are getting proper nutrition and nootropics then you can stay away from disaster.

I got a total turn around, new life because of nutitional supplements and nootropics.

Yeah you can go into remission for years. Sz doesn’t get cured or just go away when your on meds a long time. You’ll likely have breakthrough symptoms within a month or so after stopping. Really bad ones because going off an AP actually gives worse psychosis than normal because the brain is suddenly flooded w dopamine again after being kept at fairly low levels for years.

Nootropics have only been clinically proven to be significantly helpful to those with dementia/Alzheimer’s. In trials with schizophrenia and other such disorders no significant improvement was found and they’re really the equivalent to a placebo so I can’t agree with this.

You even recently admitted you relapsed and had to go back on an AP after you tried to quit and go on only nootropics.


I was in remission for about 8 or 9 years.

Is it because it takes 7 years for the human body to replace all of it’s cells? Is that where you get your 7 year figure from?