Soapbox: It's not a punchline

Anyone who knows me well knows I enjoy making jokes about anything and everything. My own childhood, depression, and schizophrenia are also always on the table.

I don’t have a problem when people make schizophrenia jokes, if anything I kind of like it because it makes it all seem just a little more normal. What I hate however is when the punchline of the joke is just “haha, so crazy! XD” You know, like those angsty t-shirts from hot topic that say stuff like “the voices in my head tell me I’m normal” stuff like that really makes me mad since it feels like they are taking my entire life and turning it into a " lol, so crazy" joke.

Again, I don’t mind jokes about schizophrenia, I just hate when the punchline of the joke is nothing more then “these “people” are just crazy.” Am I alone in this?

I agree. It’s the difference between laughing with us, and laughing at us. I have a pro-sz shirt I like to wear around. It says, “Dont be paranoid, you look great!” I like it because it tries to make us seem relatable instead of making us the punchline. I also hated the overly paranoid Rob Lowe commercial.

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It’s really the tone of the person or the context. I mean there are definitely people who use ‘jokes’ to try and hurt or insult people. But T-shirts are fine, never been offended by an article of clothing.

That is a really good point, that said I sometimes get offended by clothing when I look at fashion from 80’s… but I suppose that is a completely different story.

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I have yet to be offered by anything other than down putting and arguing about my delusion. Example. my Dad. He wasn’t joking. I was trying to ‘explain’ the mental illness to him and what a delusion is when he started a debate with me (regarding my delusion) saying “None of that is true! It CAN’T be true!” I softly said “Arguing with a mentally ill person never accomplishes anything.” And he retreated a bit. That’s my biggest thing since my illness is based around a delusion is people being mean and saying “Why do you believe that BS?!” Even my old pdoc was abusive that way. I have a new one now who paid attention in school when they taught ‘Don’t argue with crazy’. It makes it very difficult to be honest. They want honesty but then cruelly penalize it. That’s my big bitch on the crazy-bashing. Otherwise I have a great sense of humor about it. These a$$holes aren’t trying to be funny. They just want to argue with me about a delusion as if that’s going to accomplish anything.

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The flip side of that is don’t argue with Sanity, that’s just Crazy. Someone telling you you aren’t this or that is Their Opinion. Nothing to do but smile and try and change the Subject sometimes.

Sorry if my use of the term Crazy offends, that was not my intent.

I have no problem with ‘crazy’. I use it all the time. People argue with me trying to convince me my delusions aren’t real. Guess what folks; That’s not how you cure delusions. I do exactly what you say and take the high road and try to change the subject. Sometimes crazy has a to counsel sane even if passively