What am i supposed to do if my pdoc gets sick or something, no refills on meds

i dont have refills on my meds so basically i only get my meds when i go to see him and if i lose them or something than i am basically screwed what would i do because it would suck to have to be without meds and no way to get any, do u think if you go to the ER and tell them you have psychosis and ur pdoc is away and u need meds that maybe they will prescribe you your meds? i dont know if this would work

If the doctor is part of a group practice, contact the office and ask another physician to review your record and issue a prescription as indicate. An emergency room visit may be an expensive way to obtain a refill. You might consider a “minute clinic” which is designed to treat non-emergent medical conditions.

Depends on your location. I could always ring the doctors office and they will send me a script via the mail. It’s always important to make sure you have enough medication. Saying that…over here I could theoretically front the emergancy and get some meds at least in the short term.

Ring your doctor and you need to ask these questions of your psydoc!

Happened to me twice, you have to make an appt for another dr for them to prescribe you meds. Explain the situation and they should understand

How much of a supply do you usually get at a time.? A months supply? A two weeks supply? And does your parents have control of your meds i.e. do they keep them and dole them out to you? If you get a months supply once or a two weeks supply I would ask your doctor if he could write a new prescription every time you have a weeks worth left. That way, you will always have an extra weeks supply on hand all the time.

When my old doc went on vacations a substitute doc used to fill in. I forget if the substitute could prescribe medication but its something you and your parents could look into. Also, from what I hear, if you have a regular pharmacist, he might be able to give you meds without a prescription in an emergency.

If your parents are responsible for keeping your supply of meds, then maybe you doc will give your parents a months supply of meds to stash somewhere in addition to your regular supply.