What age did you first start to get sz and other mental illnesses

I couldn’t get out of the house.

Anxiety attacks from 13
Voices soon after
Mood swings at 16
Delusions somewhere after that
Sza at 18

Looking back on it, I think I was having some internal voices very early on.

But things didn’t really change until I was about 15 or so-- I would withdraw from friends for a few weeks at a time sometimes.

Think my prodromal phase started at 21, but I received an OCD diagnosis at the time.

I was 25, I think, when psychosis hit.

I was 25 or 26 :frowning:

But I’ve had hypnogogic hallucinations b4 then

I was 38. Bad timing. Too much stress. Almost dodged it I guess.

I had my first ‘breakdown’ when I was 22. Now I’m 37.

You developed it pretty late. They say it usually comes on in one’s 20s.

I was 19 when I got sz, too. I was diagnosed with ADD, mild anxiety, and mild dysthymia earlier in my teens. Recently my pdoc said I might have PTSD (I’m 30 now).

Yes. I was a late bloomer. I got lucky and had a good career and education first. But it hid me hard. Would rather not have it at all though.

Some psychiatrists have told me I can’t possibly have it getting sick at that age but I have had all the symptoms.

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When i was 20 years old in 1996.

I’d say 14 or 16 I realised something was happening. It wasn’t till 18 I sought help for things and it wasn’t till 21 I suspected it was sz. Diagnosis came at 22/23. Even till this day, the main psychiatrist I had been seeing labels it at psychotic disorder and not schizophrenia despite a ward dr specifically diagnosing it as sz.

Medics need to discuss things with each other. Their notes on paper between emails is poor practice. If at all is even this much done.

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Irrational fears: From early childhood
Minor delusions: age 11 ->
Anxiety to the point of getting diagnosed: 14

It started to me at around age 15,it got serious at age 19 where in was diagnosed schizophrenia

28, i had major depression and such in my late teens, though.

I had my first episodes around 7.

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I started becoming poor in math and other things at around 14. Had a depressive break at 23. Psychotic at 29. I still remember bad ocd behavior in the first year of school.

This question goes around a lot in forum. Damn I still feel annoyed by the post but I’ll tell you It was in my teens.

I looked at some old pictures. I look carefree at 6, but insecure at 7. I didn’t have an auditory hallucination until 35, because the worst abuse was after working.

I got a social phobia when I was 15. I was schizophrenic long before I was dx’ed. I keep my cards close to my chest.

I first started getting symptoms of psychosis ie delusions, paranoia, hallucinations, as early as age 2-3. Even as a baby I was weird. I really suspect I have just always been this way. I started getting depression around age 11. 1st major depressive episode at 12. 1st major psychotic episode at 16. Got ptsd from it and anxiety issues in general by 17.