What age did you first start to get sz and other mental illnesses

I first got sz, when I was 19 years old. Then I got social phobia when I was 15 yrs old. I also got depression a little bit after I got social phobia.

I was 25 when I got sz

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I had symptoms at 15 but was diagnosed at 20 y.o. after a suicide attempt.

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I had symptoms at 5-7 but got diagnosed at 14. I am a rare case I guess of early onset childhood schizo. Runs in my family.

I got symptoms around 40 and got diagnosed around 41 or 42.

I would say I got bi-polar around puberty but my Dr didn’t say anything until I was 19. I tried lithium but it gave me a stomach ache so I stopped and never took bi-polar meds again until I was in my 30’s, that’s also I think when I first had an ap.

I started believing I had powers as early as around ten. I had imaginary friends up into my thirties. I was depressed and anxious from 10 on. The men started following me at 31. I started receiving messages from animals in my teens.


I was diagnosed a little over a year ago (so when I was 26.)

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My first hospital trip was when I was 17. It was not nice as it was in a youth offenders unit. They transferred me to a community hospital, but then to a secure one as I was acting out. It was a super disturbing experience and I really was gone in the head

I was 26. Horrible time. Its starts like some cars are followed me and than like some people follow and speak to me. It was no good experience.

I was 34 years old when they admitted me to the hospital and they diagnosed me sz, but I had been psychotic for 2 years before that

I was diagnosed with schizoeffective at the age of 19 but experience hearing sounds which only lasted a few days to a week as early as 14 and mood problems. Didnt really start hearing voices until the age of 26 to 27 when i got diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

The Ice Age. It was a long time ago. It was 1980 and I was 19.

16 or 17
1992 I think

14 I started going downhill in math and cognitive tests. Got major depression at 23. Sz at 29. I still remember bad ocd behavior in first grade of primary school. It was in my destiny for sure.

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I Personally, Was a Young, Young, Young, Young Boy.

I Heard My First Voice.

Like a Demon He Crept into My Hearing. And Whispered, Something I Cannot Remember Now.

I Was Almost Asleep. And I Jumped Out of Bed And Ran to My Mother.

‘Something Jus Whispered to Me’. I Said.

‘Go to Sleep, it Was Nothing’. She Said.

The Comfort. Put Me. Back to Sleep. So I Slept. And Woke Up The Next Day, In a Blur.

Wasn’t Diagnosed Until, Many, Many, Many, Many, Many, Years L8tur.

Although…, Truth Be Told…, I’m Not That Olde… . … :pensive:


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

:pensive: :snake: :pensive:

I got schizophrenia when I was probably 16 as long as I remember.
Then I got shcizo-affective disorder or something when I was 20.

When I wS about eight, the year of third grade.

Small delusions since childhood. SZ at 27 years old. Agoraphobia at age 22 maybe, I don’t remember. Depression at age 27

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My gf suffered with agoraphobia for a long time. How was it for you om? @Om_Sadasiva