What age did you have first sz symptoms poll

  • Under 10 years old
  • 10 - 20 years old
  • 21 - 30 years old
  • 31 - 40 years old
  • 41 - 50 years old
  • Over 51 years old

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My thoughts started going wrong at 16. I was (mis) diagnosed with depression at about 19. But I wasn’t formally diagnosed with schizophrenia until 39.

Ive had some form of issues since I was child, social mostly. Episodes started back then too.

I was diagnosed at 21 y.o.

Yep, something went wrong in my teenage years, but got diagnosed with 19 years. I had a view hospital stays and episodes since.

I started having mood swings at age 12. I was diagnosed with depression at age 12.

I was also hallucinating at age 12, but I thought I was seeing real ghosts and so nobody (including myself) thought I had anything but just depression. I told my mom (who was ill) about seeing ghosts and she told me they were real. I never mentioned the ghosts to the psychiatrist.


Started hearing voices on the radio at the age of 19. Was formally diagnosed at the age of 20. I’ve had the diagnosis for 13 years now. A little over one third of my life. My life preschizophrenia is a distant memory now. Sometimes it feels like it was a dream.

I may have had symptoms before age 20 though I didn’t even know I had psychosis until my first admission at age 23 for suicidal ideation.

Saying I was dead was probably a dead giveaway.

It started at 14 after I have been bullied.

I’ve always been off, but I got noticeable symptoms at 9

I really don’t know. it all seemed normal, until it wasn’t.

I developed negative symptoms around age 11-12 and then I started hearing voices at age 14. I had my first episode at age 15 and I was diagnosed at age 16. I am now 21 and still trying to get my positive symptoms under control. I’m not delusional currently but I’m still very paranoid and hear frequent voices

  1. I was diagnosed sza when I was 21. But that’s changed to just sz a few years later.

I am just curious. Did you not take aps until you turned 39?

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That’s correct @Jake

Symptoms started age 23. First psychosis age 24. Relapse age 25.

Anxiety symptoms began when I was 13, psychosis at 15, and breakdown and diagnosis at 18. I’m 37 now.

I was diagnosed at 26

I had my first symptoms of paranoia (and running away because of it) at age six. And it happened again at age 12 (I ran away again, twice.)

At age 17, I had another paranoia attack and I remember asking myself, is this sz?

At age 23, I had full blown psychotic episodes with paranoia, depersonalization, hallucinations, delusions and situational depression. But, I wasn’t diagnosed with sza until I was 33 years old, after I had gone years with extreme suicidal depression related to grief over my divorce.

This poll was interesting. I closed the poll. 91 % of all voters have had their first sz symptoms when they have been under 31 years old.