How old were you when sz symptoms started?

I had post partum psychosis at 26 then remission till I turned 34


19,I am 30 this year

I had psychosis at 16/17 and then again at 23 when I got the diagnosis.

I had odd behavior way back in primary school. I remember severe ocd type things back in grade 1 but I survived till I was 29 till I went psychotic. I had a depressive break at 23.


I was diagnosed at age 19. When I was about 25 my mom told me she thought something was wrong with me in high school but she didn’t know what it was.
Yeah, there was something wrong with me alright, I was at the mercy of 500 psychopaths for four years.


I heard my first voice when I was 5, and started complaining about ghosts in my room at 9…
So I guess I’ve always had it


I was 17. Though in school one of the teachers first suspected it. But I don’t recall having symptoms in school.

I was 8 years old when I showed signes of sz. Then had a psychotic break at 15 that made my parents homeschool me. And after I had my second baby at 25. I had been psychotic for my remaining 20’s and was hospitalized many times and got re diagnosed as schizophrenic at 29-30. I’ve been on many meds and finally found a good mix and therapy. Trying to keep away from things and people that stress me out.

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I jumped out of a moving car when I was 14 or 15. Was okay throughout the rest of high school.
Second semester of college was a disaster. Couldn’t get the grades anymore.
Still did the band thing, but was a recluse otherwise. Band broke up when I was 22 and I started drinking and drugging more.
Started hearing voices at 23.
Diagnosed schizoaffective at 27. Rediagnosed scizophrenic at 30.

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Woke up from surgery at age 11, it all started then. Years later around age 22 they officially diagnosed me, but I had other MI before that. I had post partum psychosis after every child, but the pregnancies I had absolutely no sz symptoms and I wasn’t on meds. So I had 6 pregnancies pretty back to back, the first 3 miscarriages in high school, then 18, 19, and 21. The kids that I have are all 17 months apart in age. The PPS didn’t kick in till about 4 months post partum, so when the baby turned 9 months we got pregnant again. But I also have borderline personality disorder, depression, homicidal tendencies, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, and there’s one that was brought a psych ward stay, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what it was, as my GP blew it off as a far fetched diagnosis. The psych ward I was in in SD was not what one would consider humane, as they locked me in a ward with only men, I was considered violent cause they gave me a shot of Geodon despite my violent reaction to it, so I was considered able to take care of myself against the guys. I got assaulted, luckily he only tore my shirt off and I was wearing Jean’s, but I had to act like I dropped dead for him to leave my room. I was on supposed 15 min checks, their paperwork showed a lapse of an hour between checks. My GP got me out and promised I’d never go back. She had a dad in local government. So he was made aware. Regional health is the only medical service in most of that state, so I haven’t been back into a ward, but I have relapsed you could say, but having Dr Joy on my side helped me a great deal. Only doctor that ever cared about me, and she uses my chart to teach her students proper questioning and patient treatment, I signed off on all my records before moving. I get a card from her at Xmas still.

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26 here, 2016


My dad told me he caught me in the garden when he was talking to one of his friends, my mum told me they had to pull me out with forceps, my earliest memories after we moved house was plastering my walls with pictures of ghosts, I remember the house before as well.

Like you drew the ghosts or pics that came out of magazines or what have you? I have a paranormal obsession, so kinda piqued my interest. I was considered a goth kid so my walls were interesting. As were the books on my bookshelf.

I had light symptoms since I was 13 but it manifested properly when I was 16 - 18. Guess I was never good at this adulting thing.

I grew my hair long at sixteen to reflect girls, but really wanted dreads like my celtic friends, I used to only wash it once a week because it was such a pain, never understood the goths, I always thought they were supposed to be scary into blood sacrifices and the like, my cousins on my fathers side were goths, they never found husbands except the oldest one who was too cool to be a goth, she was a musician.

I at 14 decided I had to have my husband as a boyfriend. He was known as a good Catholic boy, he only was at our high school cause the Catholib high shut down the year before he started. After we started dating he told me he was an Atheist. I was a well known Pagan. Love and we celebrate 20 years together next month.

I still collect gothic type clothing, dye my hair, etc, but am nowhere near that anymore. I love the beauty of darker side of life, weird stuff, but around 16 I stopped dressing and the makeup. I haven’t wore makeup since my wedding in 2003, lol, so I’m pretty sure all the stuff in my kits are bad or dried out, lol.

I was having symptoms (neighbours commenting on what I was doing) for three years before I started hearing proper loud voices in 2017, lasted a ful two years before they turned into whispers

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I was around 21-22 when the symptoms first started creeping in, and 25 or 26 when psychosis hit.


my prodromal phase started around 19-20, then my first psychotic break wasn’t until 25.

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Prodromal phase, several years before 27.
27 was the onset. Now I’m 30.
As a kid i had solipsism and other delusions.

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