What about the 30's?

I am going to turn 29 next july
I fear too much thirties
I feel my life wasted
People or disease or hell my life wasted
What is impprtant to finish in thirties
I feel my brain still child i cant grow up becoz of my illness voices try always to show that i am weak kid useless cant do anything
I feel my case become worse
So my question is how to live my youth
My twenties wasted :cry::cry:


try and gear up for an amazing new decade on your life, my thirties have been great, it started getting better when i was 28


I didn’t get diagnosed till I was 29. My 30’s were great. Got medicated. Got married. Lived overseas. Did well in a job that was rewarding in itself. Your young still and so much ahead of you. Keep trying. Get the meds right and see how you go.


I’m 41. I didn’t think the thirties were bad at all. I still felt young actually.

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Do you think it is good to make money
Marry or do postgraduate studies? In thirties
Wt did you do ?

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I just turned 31. I feel young still. Am on my meds getting my life in order and I’m enjoying where I’m at.


I’m turning 30 in eleven days (February 1st). I’m excited af to shed all the shix I didn’t do to get to actually do it(drive, tattoos, get my degree, date, and remain stable). I"m not scared at all!


Happy birthday
Best of luck

Thanks saynow! I appreciate it!

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I am 42 and my thirties weren’t too bad. Lots of ups and downs but that’s to be expected. No worse than my twenties.

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Did you achieve anything in thirties ?
If you dont mind telling me

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I was working as a volunteer youth pastor when I turned thirty. That is the thing i’m most proud of in my life.


I finished college in my 20s. I was working in my 30s. But I wanted to go to graduate school in my thirties but my circumstances didn’t allow it. If school will help you better succeed, then go to school. Otherwise if you are able, work with whatever skills you’ve got.

most of my twenties was a write off :frowning: i was totally screwed.

In the progression of life, I believe your 30’s is the decade where you finally shrug off other people’s opinions about how you should live your life…and you eventually become who you truly are.

Thirty years old is not that old. And you’ve got plenty of time to do something in life that is cool or amazing or makes you feel good about yourself. Change and risks are hard but the rewards are awesome (as @velociraptor would say)

You may be schizophrenic but you still have choices. As an adult you get to choose how you want to live in many ways. I know life ain’t all honey andf roses, it’s really hard but it’s a big world and all you got is time.

When I was 29 I was in a board & care home while at the end of a horrible relapse. I had just gotten clean and sober. I had a job I went to then I enrolled myself in college. I worked there three years and got laid off. So I went job hunting and got hired at Sears to unload trucks and do stockroom work. I was 33 and I stayed at Sears for 2 1/2 years and worked my ass off and was getting compliments on my work at least once every two weeks. I worked like I was possessed, lifting heavy stuff every day like refrigerators, tool chests, ovens, TV’s etc.

I quit after getting a job framing houses. The job didn’t work out and I got rehired at Sears and stayed there another 1 1/2 years until I was 38 or so. The other residents chose to do drugs and drink and steal. I chose to work and I was ostracized for it. I didn’t care. I had money and one friend there and that’s all I needed and I started doing lots of fun stuff. Those years in my thirties were my most productive years while having schizophrenia. Life was still hard but I pondered how hard life was while seeing Aerosmith and Pink Floyd in concert, eating out at restaurants at least one or twice a weeks and sitting in the rooms of AA, CA, and NA with anywhere from two other addicts or a 100 jovial addicts. I just wanted to show you what is possible at age 30.


My 30’s were good. I’m 41 now, I’d say I was employed about 2/3rds of the time in my 30’s. I found a career path in sales and marketing about five years ago. That’s a rarity for sz folk, to find something that fits you and you can excel at. My best advice is to explore all your options, it took me 20 years doing different jobs to find something I am good at with my dz.

And not just work, I’ve explored going back to school, too, for a graduate degree. I am certificated as a mhrs mental health rehabilitation specialist for my own self empowerment. I go to my local VA for paid studies. I am a recovering addict and attend recovery meetings. Keep busy, 30’s are a time for growth and discovery. G’luck!

I’m 42 and just now learning what my interests are.

I’m the same age as you @saynow I think I’m a month older or so.

June 5th, 1990

I anticipate my 30s being good.

My teenage years were not great

My 20s were not great.

But since 27 it’s been good

In astrology they call it the return of Saturn. When you are 29 1/2 Saturn returns to the spot in the sky when you were born, they say this results in maturity and growth at these ages. Setting up for a good 30s. I can’t wait for what life has to bring me in my 30s.

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