What should happen in my 30 years olds

I’ve had a lot of troubles in life but now I’m doing well. I’m working at 29 on my own for the first time really I didn’t rely on my parents or a job agency to find a job. And it’s the best I’ve performed on a job ever.

But my 20s were real troublesome. Teens were real nothingless and boringness till the end. first decade was exuberance and bliss till the end it became terror. 20s were troubled till the end it was recovery.

So far each decade has had a bit of a theme …which changed at the end

They talk of the return of Saturn in astrology at 29.5. Saturn returns to the spot in the sky when you were born and it marks major life changes.

God willing, I will turn 30 in June. What is in store for me. If I continue walking/not drinking/eating well I’ll be alright physically this decade??? Knock on wood. But hopefully, unless some freak thing happens right??

How have you experienced your 30s

I dunno I wasn’t ready for my 20s so I wanna be ready for my 30s when it comes

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You are doing better than before things will be even better in the future …u have to trust ur instincts

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my 30’s started out pretty hot. I decided to drop out of the rat race and travel the country. I was psychotic but I had a lot of adventures. was court ordered meds at 32 and then I dealt with some depression for a year and a half. side effects of meds started to subside, and I started working out again and the depression lifted. I got my own place, living by myself for the first time. will soon turn 35. despite the adventurous beginning to my 30’s. treating schizophrenia has been the main theme, so not as exciting these last 3 years. hopefully I will get a part time job soon and be able to fix up my place and have a little money to spend. I have given up on finding a partner and am ok with that, but I should probably try to get out more, and make more friends again.

best wishes for your 30’s. you’re still young, but need to be a little more responsible. im going to vote for @Jonnybegood for president when he turns 35. haha. I think that’s the earliest age you can run in America.

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I’ve always wanted to go on the road and travel but it’s difficult to travel for long periods of time while taking meds.

I would think 30 would be a great time for this for most people. You’re mature enough to appreciate it but young enough still to have the energy to do stuff


In my 30th i moved from Europe to Australia and adapted.

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I’m 29 too, and I do fear getting older.
I’m already having so many strange ailments and aches. And I love calling my 30+ year old friends old :joy:

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