What a Unemployed Straight Schizophrenic Woman On SSI Would Use as a Pickup Line to Pick Up Guys

(SSI has been a traditionally desperate position for a man. We often don’t have cars, money, or live in a good part of town. I’ve shown you ideas for us. But I only have one idea for a woman.)

  1. Do you like how I look?
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More women with schizophrenia have children or are married than men. The medical community says that has something to do with women having a better outcome with schizophrenia. While it’s possible that women are less cognitively impaired I attribute to men being more cognitively impaired when it comes to picking out a wife. Women ask questions that men on SSI can’t answer easily like where do you work, how much do you make, where do you live, and what car do you drive. As far as I understand men don’t ask that many questions. We say stupid things like “Are you a model?”, “You are so beautiful”, “let’s get in the sack.”, “what’s your sign?”, and “what is a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this”. Not all men hate women who are obese. Different men like different shapes and sizes. It is rare that a man is looking for intelligence in a mate as his first choice. It’s what we see that is usually first. Sometimes women will pick out a messed up guy for his looks but they often pay for it. A man pays for it too. But he keeps whatever the divorce papers, or pre-nup allows him too. That’s my understanding of it.

I’m surrounded by incredible men who respect women, value their character, appreciate their intelligence, favor their compassion, and seek to help them flourish and be helped by them.