Asking women if they would date schizophrenic

I asked fifty women today online if they would date someone with schizophrenia and who cannot feel pleasure including sexual ( I used it as opening message). I’m waiting for responses



You made the day for 50 men then. The next guy who messages them and says 'Hi beautiful, how’s it going? will get a response today!


Did you mention what sz is?


It helps when you are successful and have money. I’m not sure a lot of women will want a schizophrenic spouse if they understand it.

I have a spouse with Bipolar 2 and we couldn’t be happier. i am sza depressive type.

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LOL, sad but true.

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I wouldn’t mind a spouse with sz/sza :slight_smile:

Why ask? The answer is obviously going to be a resounding no.

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Words a cheap really, to be nice some may say yes, but in reality the question should be “are any of you dating a person with a mental illness”


It’s o k to share with your girlfriend that you’re schizophrenic but it should be done tenderly after you two show interest for each other. Many will walk away once they find out about your mental illness…just be honest…that’s what I did when I dated online with p o f. Angie knows all about my mental illness and loves me for it. she is an inspirataion.


I think if someone asked me I would want to know what the person’s functioning level was. If they were stable on medication, able to work, etc. As much as I feel for the struggle of others with psychotic disorders, I don’t think I would consider a serious relationship with someone significantly below my functioning level. However the majority of people have really stigmatized views of sz if they even know what it is, and see people w sz as dangerous raving lunatics. So I feel you may not get many replies :disappointed:

The sexual pleasure thing would likely also be an excluding factor for many, unless you found someone who was asexual. Personally I would be indifferent because I have so much baggage in that area it would honestly be a relief if I didn’t have to deal with it. So I suppose you could also look for someone with baggage :joy:

In all I would not recommend opening up with the worst aspects about yourself as you will not likely get responses. I let people know me as a person, and build trust before I tell them about my illness so only my close friends and family know. Similarly if I got into a relationship I would probably only tell the person if I intended to get serious with them, and we had dated for some time and I trusted them.

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I wasn’t exactly rich when I met Mrs. Pixel (she was Miss K. back then), but I had a full-time job, owned a part-time biz, and came across as surprisingly stable. Don’t think she would have accepted a marriage proposal from someone who couldn’t do any of the heavy lifting (financially or emotionally) in the relationship.

Being honest.


@anon35453467 man where did you come up with that from? are you trolling or do you just like to offend people? equal pay, equal work.


Haha. Gawd these sorts of threads can go pear shaped pretty quick. I don’t envy the mods!

Seriously peeps. It’s the 2000’s. We are different but we should all be treated with respect and such. Males and female stereotypes are just that. They aren’t a reflection of the struggles that some people like women had to experience and continue to experience to get fair and equal treatment.

Buying into those stereotypes doesn’t help anyone. It just reinforces the problems society throws up for people.

Please be respectful and think before pigeon holing people into poor 20C stereotypes!


This is preety much true in the less develop countries, from what I see in the first world countries is that people are feeling uncomfortable following a stereotype and they become jerks to the other people who follow the stereotype

:+1: Well put @rogueone!

Can I steal your saying “Love your work” ? Haha!


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Break the stereotype

@anon73425833, @rogueone, @jukebox Look guys, I am stating the facts here. The diagrams below that I have posted will show you that mostly men are educated and control most of the wealth around the world. There are women who are wealthy too but not as much as men.


And to think that 100years ago women were considered less important them men, they cannot even vote them.

I don’t know where will we be headed in a few hundred years, when women will be truly equal to men. I hope they don’t destroy us

One neighborh of mine said that women will rule the world, idk how I feel about this