What a day

Sort of feeling alone in this right now.

My roommates and I are at ends. I mean for one reason or another there is awkwardness underlying everything. I’m stuck feeling guilty over my simple nature… I’m an organized and clean person. There is just such a conflict of standards here.

I have to just let them have pass that they aren’t going to see my reasoning.

Little things are a horrendous mess to actually go ■■■■■■■■ at someone about. Little things like the trash can being so crammed full that the bag slips and it just becomes a, typically juicy, mess of garbage.

… not feeling arrogant here… not trying assert dominance on the issue. Just as an example though. I’ve had that trash can for 5 years… at least. Not once have I ever let any of that long term ■■■■ accumulate under the bottom bag. How did I pull that off you ask? I don’t let the bag slip… boom easy… requires almost no thinking at all. Just takes concern when tossing ■■■■ in.

Anyways that’s just chumpy annoyances on top of the real stuff.

Someone let my cat out… They weren’t inclined to care. They were just going to act like it didn’t happen… I had the choice to get on them about it. It’s just such thick ■■■■■■■■ to be the one to start conflict. Obviously… the ■■■■■■■ should show more concern for my pets. Still… if I go at harassing them… they’ll try to shake the accountability. Totally undermining what all I’ve done for them in letting them stay here.

Just keep dicking off behind a beer or a bowl of pot. Those ■■■■■■■ are lousy. There is pretty self-evident reasoning as to why they won’t be getting anywhere in life. That’s all they do. Complain about others, shrug off the importance of things… and otherwise flounder in whatever ■■■■■■■■ they’ve wound up in.

TLDR: Woke up to my pet missing, The smell of tobacco and pot filling my room. The hot water heater got shut off at some point… and my laundry machine has been so over used that it sprung a leak (and I’m no longer allowed to use it.)

Beyond the typical inconveniences of just having to share space with people. Just personality conflicts and the like… Got a perfect storm of my life coming apart at the seams. (And none of it is my fault… except if I mention it… then whatever ensues conversation wise is my fault.)

I can’t wait to get into my own space. It’s the only thing I could think of to find comfort here… I’m going to start storing things at my mothers. I’m going to set it up… the day… the first day that is viably functional and sensible for me to move. I’m going to be out of here within 5 hours time. (I’ll just let that speak for itself when the time comes that they’re all stuck sorting out their p’s and q’s… I will sit there and just shrug off thinking about any of it all. Just do the bare minimum of making sure they actually do mover out of here on time. I am the one legally accountable. Still stuck have to manage making sure my ass is covered.)

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