Were your parents old?

Mine were 36 and39 when I was born. In the 40’s, that was considered old.

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My father was in his early to mid 30s and my mum in her early 20s.

You are lucky you had a young mother. There’s a lot of up and down stuff to do when you have kids.

Not really my parents split when I was young raised by a single father.

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My mom was 30 and my dad was 31

My parents were in their late 30s.

My mom was 35 and my dad was 38.

My mom was 25 when I was born,

My dad was 29.

Both my parents were 26 when I was born.

Too young. Way too young

My mom was nearly 40 and my dad was 43

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My mom was 24 and my real dad was 17 or 19. Not sure.

My parents were both 22. They say elder fathers have increased incidence of offspring with schizophrenia. I don’t know what the age is.

my mom was about 19 in the 90s

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