Did you have older parents?


Mine were 36 and 39 when I was born, which was ancient in my day - '44. Anyway, from my very early childhood, I had a fear of growing old because I noticed how limiting it is. And, since my parents were older, I assumed everybody’s were. And that motherhood was painful and resented. So I didn’t nurture my maternal skill development. Well, about some things, it’s never too late. I can be a companion to children even if I can’t do the rigors of their actual care.


No, mine were younger than me. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


Younger as in youthful or immature? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.:slightly_smiling_face:


IDK. Hell, what do I know? I’m half asleep and every muscle in my body is tired.


Sorry. I won’t tease you. Get some rest. Do you have to work weekends?


No, never. And I never work two days in a row.


My parents were 39 and 43 when I was born.


My parents were 40 and 43!


My parents were 21 and 26.


My mom was 19 my dad was 22


My mom was 20 and my dad was 24.

When I had my son my wife was 23 and I was 22. I wanted more kids but we never had any luck. Now that my wife is in menopause I wish we had done fertility treatments but we never even looked into it.


I find that thought horrifying. You are just so bitter so much of the time. Why expose a child to that?


That’s not fair, I think it could do you a lot of good @chordy and I’m sure the kids would love to play with you (as long as they don’t terrorise you that is) lol

My Dad was 24 and my mum was 33


Mine were 30 and 33.