How old was your mom/dad when they had you?

I hear the older the father the higher risk of sz. My dad was 40 and my mom was 43. I doubt this was why I got sz. It’s more so when the father is 50+. Probably has something to do with the sperm. But more so I’m just interested. My grandparents all would be 100+ I believe if they were still alive and im only 26. My families typically get married/have kids late. Although both my parents married in their twenties and were divorced!!! Then remarried In their mid-late 30s!

Father, mid twenties. Mother, late twenties.

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My parents were both 18. I was the first son.


Were they high school sweethearts??

No, my dad was a hood and my mom at first didn’t like him because he parked outside her house when she was leaving with a date and my dad picked a fight with him…haha…

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I come from a long line of teen pregnancies. My mom was nineteen when she had my brother, and 21 when she had me. My grandparents are only in their seventies.

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My parents met on a ski trip. My mom was with some guy. They were on a bus. and my dad was drunk and he goes up to my mom and says “what are you doing with this lame-O. You should be with me”. And then my mom later asked a mutual friend to hook them up :smile: if it weren’t for alcohol I never would’ve existed!


My parents met on Halloween. My dad was dressed as a woman and asked my mom if she would be a lesbian for the night. She thought he was a player and she wasn’t interested in his games. So she told him her name was in the phone book and if he really wanted to date her, he would find it. Turns out, he was serious.

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My mom was 29 and my dad was 44.

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She was only 19 and not sure what age he was.older.

They married before I was born and divorced a couple or few years later.

He never remarried but had long term relationship with my former step mum who’s apartment im living in.

They were together quiet a few years n had two children.

My mum remarried and had two children as well.

I travelled back n forth n moved around a bit.

My parents met at a party.
I think they had mutual friends or aquanintanxes .

My mums single now what I know but seems happy with that and it seems she doesn’t want to live with a man again but that if she met someone it would be a live out boyfriend so they can have there own space .

The father has had a few different girlfriends.

I don’t think they are my real parents though and they are not overly joyed about my existence I think but we can all see the humour in that.
The dad laughed when I was born they said.she might of been depressed bout it.

It’s possible i bread myself.
It’s also possible other people are my parents.
Or if these bodies were my parents then maybe others breed with the bodies cause things are complicated I think.

I also beleive I am mum but in complicated way.
I had spiritual experiences about it.
But my body n person can’t be round kids same as im not social in person but am so so so social n outgoing irl it just doesn’t come out in person because of symptoms etc.

Mother 18, Father 21

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Mum was 31 and Dad was 32.

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My mom was 28 less than a month later she turn 29. My dad was 31.
I was the result of a welcome home from the Korean war.

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Old enough to know better.

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My mom was 37 and my dad 26 when I was born.
I was 28 when my son was born. His dad was 31.
I’m discovering that there are a lot of theories and even published “facts” about sz that either aren’t true for everyone or not true at all.


My mom was 28, Dad was 30. They had been married for 6 years before they had me and dated for 3 or 4 years even before that. They were well-prepared for children. Had stable jobs, a house, and even got a puppy first to test out the responsibility.

They had my youngest sisters much later, my mom was like 40. But they are fine and healthy little girls!

late thirties both

My parents were high school sweethearts, they had my brothers and I at 18, then 20, then 22 (me).


She’s only seventeen…

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Reminds me of a Stevie nicks song

I mean Joan Jett/arrows song