Were phones allowed in your last ward visit?

  • Yes
  • Yes, in certain conditions
  • Yes, timed use
  • No

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There is 3 lvls here before you get out. First 2 lvls no cellphones or electronics. Clippers should stay locked with security. First lvl is the emergency they call it its the most strict and we are watched by security all day.

Damn in my country when I was locked in maximum security ward we were allowrd to have phones, I heard in mental asylums you cant have any phones

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In my hospital there are no phones allowed but there is a phone there to make calls.

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Ha, my first visit in 1980 cell phones and PC’s hadn’t been invented yet. Or CD’s or even Walkman’s. My last visit in 2015, no , phones were not allowed.


I manage to get my hand on mine.

I became such an annoying patient they gave it to me on day three

Nope. I have to qualify this by pointing out that cell phones were extremely uncommon at the time of my last ward visit - portable Nokias were just becoming a thing at the time.

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No phones, no electronics, no belts, no laces, no personal belongings.
It’s probably more strict than a maximum security prison.

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We were allowed anything that you couldn’t hurt yourself or others with

Phones were allowed, tablets and laptops.

You had to charge them in a locked room as you were not allowed the cables.

To be fair I was so ill my phone was only to talk to other people.

Only my last few admissions did I have a smart phone

Have not been to the ward since 2018

Phones allowed, charged in your room. I even took my 21inh iMac in hospital with me. We had own fob for bedroom doors so the room was locked at all times.

I wasn’t allowed my phone in any ward except the therapy wards where it was allowed twice a day for an hour each.

When I was locked up I couldnt have a phone. But outside lock up there are more privleges including phone.

I was last in the hospital in 2018. No cellphone for me.

Same here. They used allow cd players my first visit to the ward

No phones, tablets, computers, or even your own clothes. No shoes with laces, no jewelry, no body cleaning chemicals except what they gave you.

I don’t get it, why would you not be allowed a phone, what fkn torture is this?

Depends on the psych ward. In 2014 on an adolescent unit no phones in 2018 on an adult unit no phones in 2019 different adult unit we had our phones if you were a level 3 privilege only allowed one hour a day. In 2021 private psych ward was allowed cell phones and wireless headphones but they security taped the camera. In 2021 different private psych ward no cell phones.

Keep in mind every psych ward legally (at least where I’m at) has to provide you with a phone if they don’t allow cell phones.

5East you could get calls in certain hours but nothing out. I didn’t care coz there was no one to call me/ or for me to call anyway.

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Epip ward and acute ward had landlines for you to call during certain hours. Medical had a cordless phone and observation(depending on the floor), you get a personal tv/borrowed app call or a group television.

Thank you once again for cheating me of insurance. :slight_smile: