We're gonna eat some shellfish and get some tattoos!

I just loved this show, and wanted to share a little of its humor. This clip is put together from sketches throughout this episode, following this story line.

@anon54386108 you might like this, but I hope others will, too…


Interesting. Not funny haha to me but I know little about Judaism. What’s the show it’s pulled from? I wouldn’t mind seeing what else is on offer?

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Hey @rogueone, the name of the show is Upright Citizens Brigade. It was on from 1998 to 2000, a brilliant show in my opinion.


That’s hilarious,

I love the way he looks at the pork chops at the end.

They were so young!

I can’t believe how old this show is now.

Great clip, thanks for sharing!!


Yeah, it’s been quite a while since this show was on the air.

My favorite part is when he says, “I always knew you had a problem with the Jewish faith.” :rofl:

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