What is your favorite TV show?

Although it’s sometimes triggering I love Ancient Aliens.


i luv steven universe and orange is the new black

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Right now my favorite is American Ninja Warrior. It’s a lot of fun to watch.


Well, my all-time favorite was Upright Citizens Brigade, a short-lived (1998-2000) sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. Hilarious, pure genius. That’s where Amy Poehler got her start (also starred Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts and Matt Besser).

Among current TV shows, it’s a toss-up between Inkmaster and Gotham.

Definitely ‘Scrubs’

I’ve watched all three seasons of narcos. Rare for me to stick with a show that long.

The walking dead and into the badlands and master chef and Hell’s Kitchen

The sopranos 151515

Breaking Bad is a great show on Netflix. I recommend it!

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Anything reality. Anything appallingly bad I’ll watch. I did sit through GOT but watch very few tv series. Watch mainly sport!

My 600 lb life


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I don’t watch tv, but I like Ancient Aliens, Stranger Things, Westworld, and legion. I just watch movie clips on YouTube.

MIne is hells kitchen LOL but i watch Bill Nye saves the world as well

I really like Black Mirror.

yeah… not th ebest stuff to watch when youre ill tbh

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You’ve got a point though.

Man I own all the ancient aliens shows on dvd!

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I like the Match Game where celebrities drink alcohol and contestants try to match their answers to low brow questions.

Big brother Uk probably and some world cup matches.