Money is obsolete

Yet we still use it101011010

You see the zeitgeist movies i’m assuming?

Yes correct101010

Same same same. We can’t do ■■■■ though. That whole wave doesn’t even give a ■■■■ anymore.

As soon as Ron Pauls end the fed platform was shut down there was no steam left.

Even gold is worthless in reality.

Most everything is a farce.

No jobs left due to technological unemployment, wealth redistribution is the next step to a monyless society

Capitalism -> socialism -> communism

That’s the theory

The whole trick is power distribution. Decentralized communism has never been tried. Neither has a central mechanized(AI) set up.

Civil rights all the way! That’s the only real concern behind politcal change. PEOPLE IN POWER ARE TYRANTS… this is true.

We must collectively take the helm and keep it.

but there is all kinds of things holding us back from that.

The one I worry about the most is people’s commitment to concern for political/global affairs.

I think it’ll work we just aren’t there yet.

I wish I had more.

Food & water are the only essential necessities to survive. If it were up to me, I’d own enough land to create enough oats, cocoa, wheat, and random vegetables to serve myself annually. Yet, we don’t live in that kind of world.

Tell that to the guy who has it :slight_smile:


Money is truly just the product of imagination. All of the values attached to money are imagined values. Is it necessary? Unfortunately so, but it doesn’t have to own our conscience to rise up the economic ropes.

I, personally, am perfectly happy as a lower-income citizen and never intend to move up.

Bitcoin is the future!

Yeah, they are standing there with their weapons threatening to kill us all if we don’t.

The basis of the forming of the economies of the world. Some guy just walked up and said “this is my ■■■■■■■ forest now, if you don’t like that ill kill you.” Been that way ever since.

“Economy.” Should have a very different definition.

Money : Obsolete???
Certainly not. The Money Mafia has never been so powerful than today.