Commie anyone?

Im a Socialist.

Anyone else here ? :frowning:

Do you have a couple bucks, you know to level the playing field?

They talk about communism a lot in the show narcos.

thats not the meaning of socialism :slight_smile:

What country do you live in? I’m US.

India :frowning: :frowning: :(…

What state are you in? I think I’m the only one here in New England. I heard once ct is either the worst place for schizophrenics or the least amount of ppl with sz. Maybe both idk. But ya I’m in ct

I prefer anarchy to communism. Particularly anarcho-capitalism.

Ah, unfortunately here, Socialism is a bad word for the majority.
However, that is where we seem to be heading.

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dosent matter we have Jungelocracy here :slight_smile:

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Anarchy with socialism is ideal.

The route for that is Communism.

To be honest , Anarchy is bound to fail and impractical since Humans cannot think for themselves.

Illinois. Moving out of state this weekend.

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I flew through Chicago twice. Other than that I haven’t been there. Go bears and cubs?

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Anarchism is Democracy done right.

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Yep. Chicago and I have an interesting history.

These days I’m just an Earthling.

If I had been born in the nineteenth century I probably would have been a passionate communist. It’s never worked anywhere it’s been tried, though. Europe experimented with social democracy back in the late seventies. Every country except I think Holland and Denmark repudiated this system. They did some kind of survey not too long ago where they found out that the happiest people in Europe were the Danes, and they were still socialist. Personally, I believe in a hybrid socialist/captilist system, which is pretty much what most modern, developed countries have. I don’t have a blind faith in the efficiency of the free market. I believe the government has to regulate certain facets of the economy. Also, I’m very glad we have a safety net for those who are disabled or are out of work because of a bad economy.

Time to get educated Saurav1. Good piece on India:

Democracy has failed in the US. Capitalism is out of control. We have been slowly inching towards Socialism for some time. Socialized education, police, fire etc. Problem is healthcare. What we spend on military for say, two weeks, is the yearly GDP for some countries. It’s mad!
We have become an Empire.

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