Went to the doctor

I’m pretty upset. I went to see my doctor to day and my weight was brought up. He tried to tell me that my meds don’t cause weight gain
I put on like 60 pounds and he tells me the meds aren’t the blame. I’m so mad right now

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You’re doctor probably just didn’t want to give you time to discuss changing your med’s. The doctor doesn’t have to live with the side effects of these med’s. Some doctors are pretty cold.

Some doctors twist the truth around, so you can remain on the meds - its happened to me before

I asked him if I could quit for a
month and he brought up the hospital

Try to be assertive with your doctor, if he’ll let you. Say, “Hey! This is the quality of my life you’re messing with!”

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Cindy - there are a number of different ways to deal with this issue. Quitting medications entirely is probably not the best. Here are some ideas to discuss with the doctor:

  1. Lower dose of medications
  2. Different medications that don’t have the weight-gain side effect as strong
  3. Metformin (an anti-diabetes medication that also helps improve weight loss
  4. Exercise and diet changes

These can all be used together or in part. Many people here already have done one or all of these.

Here are details:

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I’ve been pissed off at times becuase of side effects and my pdocs comments. I mean they have been very common side effects of AP’s in general and they have said its not the meds. These guys get paid a fortune, they should know better about the meds they are handing out :rage:

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