Went to the doc today

Did my new patient paperwork and the nurse helping me as soon as she saw my schizo-affective on my paperwork started treating me differently it’s like dude come on, I’m not here to ruin your day or scream about aliens I do that ■■■■ at home ok like chillax and stop being that way please it’s annoying and I know you’ve probably dealt with shitty schizophrenics before but I’m out here trying to fight the stigma we have about us and be a good noodle so give me a gold star please miss


As of posting I realized I never got a hot wheels sticker from the goody basket, I will be leaving a 1 star review on Yelp thank you very much


I can all too well relate to what you’re saying. I’ve quit telling my mental health diagnosis in the ER, but I will tell them what meds I’m on. Since my antipsychotic is very obscure outside of psychiatry, I just tell them it’s an old antidepressant from the 1960s (half-true). Then we’re all good. But in the past, my treatment went from cordial to hostile in 2 seconds flat. The stigma these nurses and doctors say they are fighting against seems all too half-assed and poorly conceived.


Everyone Is a mental health advocate and thinks they qualify as MI until they actually see someone have a manic breakdown and it gets ugly and then they get a reality check


I know in the ER they get a lot of people either faking or on street drugs, but they fail to discern those who need genuine help.

this is hilarious post

thanks for bein a good noodle when the rest of us can’t. <3

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I try my best to

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