Went to the church

Yesterday,I went to the church for the first time,it was one of my relative who brought me there…I feel the church is full of positive energy and it’s comfortable,I am still not a Christian yet but I do not reject to become one…

I’ve had good experiences at church. I am only slightly religious. I DON"T like hearing about god and angels and prophets etc, but I will put up with it and recognize the principles behind it. A church is a safe place to be. It is a good environment that people want to bring their families to and sit and listen to preaching in a calm peaceful setting with other calm peaceful people. Afterwards they want to socialize and drink coffee. That’s what church is about basically. Of course if you are REALLY interested in being social most churches have extra-curricular activities like pot lucks, music groups, etc.


good for you @Mobc1990

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@jukebox thanks,I think it is good to join a church,to have something to get busy with…it’s good to commit to a religion but I will never be over-commited,it might be bad…praying in a balance way is very good for anyone,haha

yes it’s very important to be “your own spiritual guide” as to how far you want to take the religion associated with the church in my opinion. I pray and I read my bible and I consider myself a strong man of prayer. I once prayed my mom a house because one week after hearing her say she wished she could move into a house instead of living in a double wide mobile home I prayed for a week and a tornado “downburst” picked up the trailer just enough to lay it back down so that it broke in half and they were able to get a house with the money insurance paid for the double wide. true story.

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Wow,it seems prayer is kinda amazing,I hope to learn a bit more about religion and Christianity…I never ever went to a church before,it’s a good first experience