A Homework Assignment

Was told to go to a church on Sunday. Write a report and hand it in on Tuesday morning.

I’m scared, :scream_cat:

have you got a Dictaphone? could just record the sermon just a thought church people are very friendly from what I remember youll be fine.

If churches freak you out I would suggest maybe choosing a Unitarian church?

Checked out the local Unitarian Church website.

  • 42 members
  • Three large circular sofa’s
  • Coffee

No thanks. :scream_cat:

Then pick a medium size church and sit in the very back.


go to one of those mega churches where you’d be totally anonymous in the crowd…I’ve been to one a few times for some reason and it didn’t even feel like church…more like going to the mall.


Sit in the balcony.

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My wife went through a period of searching for a church she liked and I went along with her to several. I would say to remember that each church is different, and that there is no perfect church (an understatement).

The Catholic church in town has a balcony. Good idea pob.

My report is supposed to include

  • Social interaction
  • Maintaining proper eye contact
  • Anxiety level
  • Making use of non verbal communication

I have to go to church to talk to people.

People in church are generally friendly and want to talk, even to strangers and first-timers. It’s not like a bar or a party. It’s people coming to worship, mostly with their families and other families. You will always run into a couple mean people wherever you go, but at churches people are usually on their best behaviour and the very nature of church is that people are accepting and friendly.

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There are some folksy kind of churches. Wear whatever clothes, guitar playing - interesting sermon thats meaningful to modern life. No Shadrak, Meeshak and Abednigo - I would fit in better at a church like that. The people might be friendly.

I think your class is a cover for therapy.

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don’t be scared you can do this, it will help you…pick a kind looking granny to talk to…good luck.
take care


I’m not a church-goer by any means so take this as you will. Methodists seem like a great bunch. Very friendly and welcoming. Their services are less painful to sit through than Catholic or or other Christian ones.