Went to aa last night

I went cuz my friend drank 2 of 4 days. He had 2 months free of alcohol but then did that and he’s a real bad drunk. So I offered to go with him. I didn’t put so much pressure on myself. I’m not in a life or death situation. I drank once in 2 months and smoked weed on Tuesday. But it’s not life or death. My life is manageable and I gotta say aa was frckin awesome that way!!! It was great to hear people talk. I learned a lot. I didn’t say I was counting days. The only requirement is wanting to stay sober that day, and I did want to and did stay sober yesterday. I’m gonna ask my friend if he wants to go again tonight. I wanna stay sober for a while not forever though. But hey it’s one day at a time!!! After all. I saw this girl 6 days sober. Hot blonde girl she was wearing a shirt “not interested!” I wanted to say “aa preaches no ego…”. But it’s funny when I looked at her shirt she looked back at me like she was interested :joy: But she was struggling. 6 days sober she was so she seemed new and all. Hopefully 5 years she can look back and say “sobriety and aa changed my life! I used to be a bitch now I’m kinda humble”.

No one questioned me when I said I wasn’t counting days or anything. They thought I seemed too healthy to be a newcomer.

It was a big book meeting. There was one line that said “our most misunderstood friend, the manic depressive, could have a whole chapter written about him”. I wanted to say “I’m manic depressive and then some, where’s the chapter ???” I would’ve if they called on me but they didn’t. Everyone was nice :+1:. Good experience.


Inspirational stuff chew. Keep it up!

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well I’m glad you went…I used to be in NA for marijuana but everyone seemed in a much dire situation with other drugs than me so I stopped going. I’ve been pot free for almost three months now. yayyy.

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The southwest seems to get the brunt of the real bad drugs. Of course pot is everywhere. But west coast is meth. East coast is heroin. Cocaine seems more east coast and southern Cali. While southwest gets screwed and has all the drugs cuz it’s kinda in the middle. I had a friend from Oklahoma a while ago. He was a bad addict. Tell me if I’m wrong but Texas/Oklahoma and over into SEC country seems to have the most hard drugs. Up here it’s bad with the heroin but at least no methheads anywhere.

yes meth is pervasive across Oklahoma…I had to fire my lawn guy because he wanted to take advantage of me giving him rides…I didn’t know he was a meth head at first…

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I had a year and a half of sobriety in AA a long time ago. AA was a great comfort for me back then. Just remember, if a group starts to seem unpleasant to you there are usually several different AA groups in any town of any size. You can shop around.