Hung out with friend today

I went to Redding and hung out with my friend. We went for a walk In the woods, and got something to eat. He’s a good guy. I also got a call from my aa temporary sponsor. Cool he checked up on me and cared about me. I’m going to aa again tonight. After I stopped at my friends house I went to my sisters house because she lives right down the road. Stayed there half an hour played with her puppy. Good day so far :thumbsup:


You’re doing really well TTP, I hope it continues for you. I also hope AA provides you with extra ‘oomf’.

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What a nice day you had.

I’m glad your sponsor called you, it must feel wonderful to have that care and support.

Great day! Thank you for sharing it :slight_smile:


hell yeah brah

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Nice post. I hope the rest of your day goes good too.

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